Shyvanas Passive

Currently, Shyvanas passive is kinda useless, especially if you dont want to play jungle. If you (or your team) fall behind early youre essentially stuck with 5 Armor and MR and even if you get ahead, all you get in the end is like 25 AR+MR, which isnt really worth risking anyhting, so Id like to see Riot change that. At least in 3v3 (there are no drakes in 3v3 and nothing else works, so youre stuck with +5 AR+MR). Even giving her her old passive back would be fine imo. But I also have (a lot of) other ideas for a new passive: - Gets X AR+MR for: a) every second in champion combat b) every 5% health missing c) whenever she hits / gets hit by an enemy champion (cant occur more often that once per 0.5 seconds), until exiting champion combat d) whenever W hits an enemy champion - Do the same but with % damage reduction or Armor+MR penetration - Enemies AAd by her deal less % damage to her, may apply to multiple champions at the same time, lasts for about 2 seconds - Every time she damages an enemy champion, she heals for X% (should scale with AD / AP) of *that* champions max health, cannot occur more than once per 0.5 second per unique champion (alternatively: her own max health / may be depending on her own missing health / only triggers on AAs) [the idea here is that Shyvana is supposed to be pretty strong against tanks, so itd be more effective when fighting tanky people] - Passively get % Armor+MR shred (like Kayles passive right now, and since Kayle is gonna get reworked, why not give Shyv her passive?^^) - Give her a CC-effect instead: Enemies that are hit by Q while W is active and the E debuff is on them (= by QWE at the same time) are stunned / snared / silenced (I dont think giving Shyv CC is a good idea though) Important: *These all may optionally only work while in dragon form, removing her passive from her human form completely* [BTW: This is a copy from EUW boards, those kinda feel dead]
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