My favorite neglected champion.

It's been nearly two years now and Kindred still only has two skins. I realize they're not very popular at all, and that's all that matters when it comes to a champion getting skins, but maybe the waits been long enough? There's plenty of good concepts out there that i'd love to see in game. (Not my designs) [Blood Moon Kindred]( [Elder Wood Kindred]( Even Something like a [Chroma]( for their base skin would be a nice change. Maybe it's just me, since they're my favorite champion (actually got me back into the game after a 2 year break when they were first teased) but I do think the wait has been long enough. It get's boring seeing the same two skins over and over, even more so when her base skin is better than them. While I'm on the topic, maybe Kled could get some love too? I'd love to see something like "Dragon Tamer Kled."
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