Alright, I've got wukong ideas and i feel like i need to get these off my chest.

I don't know if you guys are aware but since wukong's last set of nerfs he hasn't really been in a good spot. I agree to some extent that his kit does not create healthy gameplay when he is viable (aka one shotting backline usually) but I think the kit is completely salvageable. He needs to be moved from more of a one shot type of assassin gameplay to more of a trickster, and i think the perfect way to do that is to expand on my favorite ability in his kit: decoy. For those who dont know what it does - ACTIVE: Wukong is pushed 100 units away, gaining invisibility for 1.5 seconds and leaving behind a decoy of himself. After 1.5 seconds, the decoy performs a circular attack around itself for 0.5 seconds, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies before disappearing. So I was thinking about this ability in particular and what could be done to make it more interesting and make the kit center around it more. Currently wukong either uses it offensively, decoying from a bush/fogofwar to enter a fight, or he uses it defensively to either block a skillshot or just gain invisibility to avoid damage otherwise. At first I thought, maybe make the decoy slow as well as do damage, and maybe when wukong ults make the decoy immediately do its slow+damage proc so that it added another offensive gameplay pattern where you could essentially trade the invis for instant slow+damage. But then I had an even better idea. Make it so that when Wukong uses cyclone, his decoy's duration is extended AND also begins cycloning, and make it so that you can control the direction the decoy moves similar to a viktor ult. Now, whether the decoy should do cyclone damage or not is a balance consideration but I think thats something that would be dealt with in testing. since obviously in a rework all the numbers in the kit would be moved around. But then i thought, well thats a lot of power in the kit that would then revolve around the decoy, and its a fairly long cd. But wukong has yet another problem, which is his passive stoneskin not really offering much outside of teamfights. And people often complain about his passive being boring. What if he had a new passive where it reduced the cd of his decoy ability every time he took damage. Or maybe when he reaches a certain threshold of hp, or is cc'd or some other triggerm decoy is automatically casted? I think that would make his passive more interesting without it adding to the one shot gameplay that currently exists. And my final consideration for the kit would be to take a look at his Q, crushing blow. One of the cool things about the theme was that the staff can be extended but his q ability doesn't really live up to the expectation. In his taunt you see wukong extend the length of his staff practically off of the screen. But in terms of actual gameplay It only adds 125 range. Imagine if it added 300-400 range. This would then make it a useful last hitting tool for lane phase, and you could then move the power from it from the armor pen+burst damage to more of a poke/utility/last hit device for laning. Another consideration could be that you add a mana refund to it if it last hits, or maybe it gives hp on last hit similar to irelia q or talon q. You could even make it give hp for caster minion kills/mana for melee minion kills or something that would add more decision making gameplay. Anyway, i just recently came up with these ideas and felt it could be a good idea to share them. I saw recently in one of meddler's posts that they had some ideas upcoming for wukong and I hope it turns out to be something like this.
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