Toy Photography with Riot Merchandise & League of Legends characters

Hey community! I just wanted to open a thread to share a hobby of mine known as toy photography. I haven't played a whole lot of League compared to how much I used to play, but I still have love for it and the character design of the champions. Check out some of the league of legends pictures I've taken using some figures of League character: Teemo (figure is from Funko Mystery Minis) Ezreal (Nendoroid figure) Ashe (Unlocked Statue by Riot) I'm hoping Riot continues to come out with cool figurines! Thanks everyone and give a follow if you're interested in my content. Not a whole lot of league of legends photos on my Instagram account currently as you can see, (mostly Star Wars recently), but I plan to shoot some characters every once in a while! Thanks for checking it out. Cheers, Richee (Noserain) [](
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