Yuumi Proposal - Minor Rework / QoL Changes

Currently, Yuumi's most glaring issues are how non-interactive she is during both laning and teamfight phases in addition to her lack of **disadvantage** **states**. Before we can talk about changing Yuumi, we need to talk about what disadvantage states are and why Yuumi's limited ones are so problematic. Through healthy discussion and potential minor QoL changes, we can make Yuumi less frustrating to play against, keep her mains satisfied, and open up room for buffs to areas of play outside of the LCS. [](https://.) #**_*~~1 - Disadvantage States ~~*_** [](https://.) >_*~~What is a disadvantage state?~~*_ > > A "disadvantage state" is a term used in fighting games to describe the timeframe when a character is punishable after performing an action. Although it is most commonly used in fighting games, it can be applied to any game and character regardless of the genre. Yuumi being one of, if not the squishiest champion in League of Legends is surprisingly slippery and **very** difficult to capitalize on. Whether stepping out to ward or when her target ally is killed in a teamfight, Yuumi can instantly reattach to her teammates without much risk. The large majority of players are not able to capitalize on this small window without extreme and precise coordination. As a result, many players dislike Yuumi and consistently ban her [**as evidenced by her near 20% banrate across all ELOs. **](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/yuumi/silver) Frustration is ultimately subjective however, and not the only thing we should look at when discussing a champion. Yuumi's extremely small disadvantage states don't just result in frustration, they also make her a dominant pick in pro-play. At the highest levels of play, Yuumi's base kit combined with her low-risk makes her a staple champion resulting in a high winrate and even higher banrate. [](https://.) [As of the 2019 Summer LCS Season: Yuumi is in the top 20 champions with 18 games played, a **72% winrate,** **and a near 100% banrate**.](https://lol.gamepedia.com/Special:RunQuery/MatchHistoryPlayer?MHP%5Bpreload%5D=Champion&MHP%5Bchampion%5D=Yuumi&MHP%5Btournament%5D=LCS%202019%20Summer&pfRunQueryFormName=MatchHistoryPlayer) And that's [**just in NA alone**.](https://gol.gg/champion/champion-stats/144/season-S9/split-ALL/tournament-ALL/patch-ALL/role-SUPPORT/league-ALL/) [](https://.) #**_*~~2 - Non-interactiveness ~~*_** Non-interactiveness and disadvantage states tend to go hand-in-hand. If a champion can't be capitalized on, that results in a non-interactive experience where the player can't be aggressive, take trades, or even move from under their tower. Unfortunately, Yuumi's gameplay revolves heavily around remaining untargetable for a majority of the game's duration. This makes her immune to poke, effectively makes her immune to engages (as she herself has a good disengage), and results in a very frustrating lane phase for the people playing into her. By giving Yuumi incentive to detach and become targetable, we can alleviate some frustration and open up windows of opportunity. [](https://.) #**_*~~3 - Finally, let's get to the changes!~~*_** When reworking any champion, we want to tackle their most glaring problems while keeping their core identity intact. In this case, Yuumi is known for empowering her allies while being attached to them, however that _constant_ untargetability and lack of risk is what makes her so problematic in the first place. So I propose we find some middle ground and the easiest way to do that is by changing her W in two small ways. Yeah, it's really that simple. https://imgur.com/2SFjuZw.png?noredirect >_*~~Current W - You and Me!~~*_ >**Passive:** While Attached, Yuumi and her ally gain a percent of each other’s AD or AP converted to Adaptive Force. >**Active:** Yuumi starts with a point in her W. She dashes to an ally champion and attaches to them. While Attached, she follows her partner’s movement and is untargetable by everything except tower damage. Yuumi’s abilities fire from her ally’s location, and she can’t attack enemies. There’s no cooldown to jump among her teammates. However, if Yuumi un-attaches entirely, she’ll need to wait for the cooldown to partner up, which starts as soon as she’s attached. >______________ >#_***~~Changes~~***_ >**_*~~New effect: Purrfect Partner~~*_** - Yuumi's allies now have meters above their health bars. (Appropriately titled _"Meturrs"_) Attaching to an allied champion will slowly drain their meter. Meters recharge slowly over time, but will recharge faster if Yuumi lands Prowling Projectile (Q) or Bop N' Block (Passive). Yuumi can only attach to a champion when atleast 25% of their meter is filled. >**_*~~New effect: The Cat's Out of the Bag!~~*_** - When Yuumi detaches from a champion (either willingly or through the target ally dying), there is a slightly increased delay before she can reattach to any ally. / AKA Longer W cooldown. Closing: While on the surface it may not seem that impactful, limiting Yuumi's ability to remain untargetable gives her more meaningful disadvantage states, alleviates frustration across the board, and most importantly reduces her impact in pro-play which, by extension, could lead to improvements for **other** areas of play. These proposed changes just scratch the surface of what could be done to Yuumi. (Yes, that was a cat pun.) Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!
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