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http://wallpapersexpert.com/data/out/37/3604253-gorilla-wallpapers.jpg gorilla **passive: i'm a gorilla** gorilla is strong inside places that look like caves. baron, dragon pit, blue buff, red buff pit, and all monster camps. has increased attack damage, movement, magic resist and armor while inside or near pits. **q: ooh ooh ah ah** gorilla calls on his chimpanzee mates. the nearest minion wave turns into a bunch of chimps which is basically a minion but stronger. cannon minions turn into chimp lords, which is ranged and throws rocks at enemies. **w: chest beat** gorilla beats his chest showing who's alpha and gains 50% tenacity for a short duration and fears all enemies around him for a bit. the beat of the chest also rejuvenates allies and his chimp squad, giving them attack speed, movement speed, attack damage and resistances. **e: leaping like a gorilla** gorilla leaps at an enemy target dealing massive physical damage. low cooldown but short range. **r: my true final form - gorilla lord** gorilla becomes gorilla lord for a short duration. while in gorilla lord form he gains new abilities. **gorilla lord passive: i am gorilla lord** gorilla lords old passive becomes permanent while in gorilla lord form and can be used even when not near pits. additionally gorilla lord passively gives his chimps attack speed, increased size, movement speed, resistances and strength. **q: banana throw** gorilla lord throws a banana peel at target area. any enemies that go over it slips and is stunned for a short duration and takes 10% of their own maximum health as true damage. **w: gorilla lord knows no bounds** grows in size and becomes immune to slows. gorilla lords attacks become enraged and deal extreme damage. gorilla lord summons an elite chimp squad which the members are now chimp lords and the leader of the chimp squad is now a chimp emperor that deals damage equal to a tower. **e: epic bounce** gorilla lord jumps in to the air long distances to wherever he pleases.
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