Train Conductor Ornn

Train Conductor Ornn has to be a SKIN 1850 or 1350 (not sure about forge but i am hoping i can get ideas from others!)(Update for forging he can be creating rails and placing them in place like he grabs wood or iron and then places it on the ground and he crafts an item lol) Ornn Q lays tiny tracks and his pillar is train crossing signal Ornn W can be Sparks from a train or can be black coal Ornn E can be black area rounded and his ram could have a train conductor hat Ornn R can Summon a locomotive coming from a Tunnel and when you recast it shows an imagine of a train ramming back and train tracks following the same redirection and at the end of his ult he enters another tunnel if ornn misses then no tunnel (hoping sparks come when he uses his R) (ps i hope he yells ALL ABOARD! when re directs it and when he casts his R the sound of a train horn is played) His brittle Affect can be a black tint color Ornn Recall can be him shoving coal into a furnace and Ornn using flame to light the coal closes the door and puts hits hat over a rack\ (hopeful Recall) is ornn jumps into a train and blows the whistles and slowly starts moving into a tunnel (also hoping you guys can share this and get riot to make an ornn skin!!!!)
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