Rinania: The Flesh of Evil. {Kit Support Champion Concept}

Lore: W.I.P The gist is that Rinania is the physical embodiment of evil, but was "raised" by saints, to be a saint. (and I don't mean literal saints, but more literally as in REALLY good parents.) A sort of philosophical idea of "what happens when all that is evil, is raised good?" Only problem Is I personally don't see how that can be done in Runeterra so.... Make your edgelord jokes to yourselves, this is not a kayn rework after all. Appearance/ Apparel. Rinania is a shifting amalgamation of flesh. As such her appearance would be melted and puddely. With a reddish brown color scheme in the vague approximation. Not quite squishy or slimy like Zac however, but more monstrous in nature. Could grow or shrink depending on how much Flesh she has. Kit Idea: A support juggernaut. Lacking mobility, but making it up for it in raw utility. With a downside attached. Passive Evil Itself/Restraint/The Evil of Flesh Rinania has three separate passives. Evil itself sets any and all damage Rinania takes to ZERO, and towers will not target her. It is impossible to deal damage to Rinania, she will always take a net amount of zero. This includes things like true damage, items, or creeps. Restraint sets any and all damage Rinania DEALS to zero, including runes items and what not. The Evil of Flesh. Rinania has the unique resource "Flesh" Flesh is not required to cast abilities, but having at least one will empower the effect, and having three will NEGATE downsides of the ability. Rinania can carry 5 pieces of Flesh at once. Flesh is gained every time any champion on the map loses a quarter of their health, but Flesh must reach Rinania. Flesh will always reach Rinania in 1 minute speeding up and slowing down as appropriate, Rinania can pick up flesh by walking over it. Q. Malevolent Movement 30/18/16/14/12 CD Rinania dashes towards the curser up to 250 units. She will shove non champions in front of her to the side by 150 units. Rinania's hitbox will become a projectile absorbing wall during the dash. After completing the dash Rinania will pulse healing sprays of blood in a 350 unit oval around her. The blood will heal both allied and enemy champions by 3/6/9/12/15% of their maximum HP over 6 seconds, Whilst healing both allies and enemies are slowed by 60% If Rinania had flesh during Malevolent Movement the dash range is doubled and she will stun enemy champions she comes across by 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2 seconds, as well as the slow being halved for allied champions. A tiny bit of mobility, whilst not enough to be considered a juggernaut. Given the high CD and short distance (A bit less then two riven Q's) As well as heal, but a downside in that is ALSO heals enemies. W. Six Hundred and Sixty Six Parasites. 24/22/20/18/16 CD Rinania unleashes a swarm of parasites forward. In a skillshot 250 units wide with a maximum range of 450. Hitting either the first enemy champion or first allied champion. If it is an allied champion they will be given a 10/20/30/40/50 movement speed boost, whilst enemy champions will be slowed by the same amount. After 2.5 seconds the allied champion will gain an additional 10% MS as well as a 10/15/20/25/30% Attack speed boost as they become berserk (same as taunt basically, but you'll attack whatever's the closest acceptable target.) Enemy champions will receive 1/3 the attack speed boost, a 1.4 second root, and be berserked for 3 seconds. If Rinania has 1 flesh when casting the ability, then it will gain 200 additional range, and effect all allied champions it passes by. At three flesh allied champions are no longer berserked at all. E. Tendril Hook. 8/7/6 CD Rinania fires out a tendril that is 40 units wide and can reach 1k units. Latching onto the first enemy or allied champion it hits. Afterwards Rinania can fire the tendril again from it's new latching point. Having double the width, but only going half as far. Once two targets are hooked they will be dragged together. With 1 flesh the range and width of both hooks is doubled. Allowing for long range uses. If two allied champions are hooked together, they will gain 10/20/30% increased AR and MR, become unstoppable for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.5/1.6 seconds and will have their cooldowns decreased by 60% for the next 1.5 seconds (can be combined with CDR for up to 105% CDR reduction for 1.5 seconds.) However they will remain tethered to each other for the duration of 6 seconds (unless three flesh is spent) unable to move farther then 850 units away from each other. If two Enemy champions are hooked together they will become tethered for 6 seconds, unable to move farther then 550 units from each other. If an allied and enemy champion are hooked together they will become tethered for 6 seconds unable to move farther then 1250 units apart from each other, and during the time they will leach each other's stats until they reach equilibrium (having the exact same in every stat, barring HP and resources) If one flesh was spent, then the allied champion will not be leached themselves. R. My Utopia 6666 CD at all ranks Rinania grabs either an enemy or allied champion within 450 units, lunging after them as necessary. Covering them in a cocoon as they give them horrific visions from RInania's mind. If they are not cleansed within 1.5 seconds they will then be freed. Enemy champions are berserked for 3/6/9 seconds. Dealing 50% increased damage, but increasing damage taken by 100% Allied champions will lose friendly vision, gain either 100/150/200 base MS, or 15/30/45% MS (whichever's LESS) as well as a 10/20/30% adaptive force increase (increasing either AD or AP, whichevers better), and 30/40/50% Damage reduction. for 2/4/6 seconds. My Utopia's cooldown is reset if casted while Rinania has full flesh, and obtained 15 more during that time. Without spending anymore. Quotes: W.I.P will be included after Lore is finished. Thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated on the subject.

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