Why was Aatrox's sword changed?

This is an opinion but I personally thought Aatrox used to have a really cool looking sword. It was extremely unique. There was nothing quite like it, in this game and honestly in other games as well. And now that aatrox is changed there's nothing left in league with a sword that looks like that. No champion _or_ skin of any champion as a sword that looks remotely like aatrox's old sword. The new sword is just a generic big fantasy sword. If they swapped garen's sword with aatrox's (and swapped the color schemes), no one (except top laners probably) would notice. It's just so generic. I propose any of 3 concepts: 1) make a visual update and change the sword. 2) make a traditional skin so that, at the very least, the sword would be in the game. 3) revert aatrox. A lot of people liked the old aatrox's gameplay. I'm only talking about the sword here but reverting aatrox would address both me and the aatrox revert crowd.
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