Summoner's Forge

(This is a script for an idea I had about adding a new permanent game mode: Forge) Summoner's Forge Opens. The default level is the Freljordian Field. When first opened, a prompt will open with Ornn. {{champion:516}} : Welcome little one. Beautiful field isn't it? Reminds me of a place I once knew... even called home. (Ornn pauses for a second) {{champion:516}} : So what might bring you out here to the middle of nowhere? What's that? You own this field? Well congratulations, I'll see myself off. (Ornn pauses as though you've asked him a question) {{champion:516}} : What was that? Did I build the howling abyss? I most certainly did. A shame what it's become now... (Ornn pauses again as though you've asked him another question) {{champion:516}} : Teach you? Look, I used to teach humans such as yourself but now I prefer to be left alone. (Ornn pauses trying to resist the urge to help you) {{champion:516}} : Alright. It won't be as easy as what I taught Doran to do, but you should have some basic building knowledge after this. Just... try to pay attention. (Building overlay opens) {{champion:516}} : Alright, so we have your basic walls, decorum, you get the idea. Now let's see if you can follow instructions... (Arrow points to a basic wall) {{champion:516}} : Let's see if you can follow these diagrams... (Failure to click on wall) {{champion:516}} : Why is it I always get the slow ones... (Build wall) {{champion:516}} : Well done! You have successfully made a wall. I'm sure your significant loved ones would collectively be proud. Now, let's see if you can place a bush... (Click on wall) {{champion:516}} : No little one, we're on bushes now. (Click anywhere else or wait too long) {{champion:516}} : *Grumbles* (Build a bush) {{champion:516}} : Good. Definitely livens up the place, doesn't it? Alright, now I know this is a big leap, but let's try building a magical foundation so that all of your friends... you have those right?... Can teleport to your abode. (Wall) {{champion:516}} : What is you obsession with walls? (Bush) {{champion:516}} : One bush is plenty for now. (Builds foundation) {{champion:516}} : Alright! Now by touching any spot within this foundation, you can establish markers where people can teleport to. Trust me, you'll want more than one. You don't want to know what happened when two people tried to teleport to a portal with one marker at the same time... (Click within the foundation) {{champion:516}} : Now of course there are bindings you can set for these markers. They can be neutral, for friends, or even for enemies. Why you would want enemies on your estate is beyond me... (Set up one maker) {{champion:516}} : Well that about wraps up the building aspect of things. There are of course many other things to build, some of which I've heard shopkeepers sell rare diagrams for. For now, however, I'll give you some basic diagrams and be on my way. (Ornn pauses as though you've asked him a question) {{champion:516}} : Oh, you want to set up something to entertain yourself? Alright, why don't you build a training dummy? (Pick any other option that training dummy) {{champion:516}} : I'm going to need some dark beer for this... (Click the dummy) {{champion:516}} : Great! Now I do have some more markers for you to use. These are objective markers, each with a different goal in mind. For now, we'll start with the "Hit" marker. (Anything else) {{champion:516}} : Little one, focus! (Pick the "Hit" marker) {{champion:516}} : Alright, now this marker is straightforward. You place it on an object and set a certain amounts of hits needed before it's objective is met. When the objective is met, it will display some colorful "Victory" banner... humans like that, right? You can also set how many people can achieve this goal, which I suppose makes everyone else losers. Alternatively, you can set placements and prove that you're number one in hitting the fastest... if you're into that sort of thing. {{champion:516}} : Alright, once you've set the objective, try to complete the objective. (Hit until you achieve victory) (Displays "Victory") {{champion:516}} : My work here is done.

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