New gamemode, 3 - 4 Teams

So, the other day i was thinking, why is league just a 1v1 (Team focused) game?. Didnt know, so i started to think why not to test new things. It may sound a little crazy but 3 or 4 teams games would be fun and would give new orientations to the game. Now, more detailedly the game would be the classic concept of more than 2 nexuses, When a teams nexus dies the team cant respawn again. Last nexus standing wins. The biggest problem would be, the map concept in terms of equal posibilities for each team. But i think fun will be ensured. Making possible adding such things as clan wars and bigger things Maybe this could take us back to the launch of urf glory, who knows Dont mind my bad concept :,c If theres any thing u may wanna add or say, feel free to do it my bud {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Please vote, so some rioter may see it!
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