Hei the Spirit Cleanser

**Concept** Hei is an adc/support that can summon spirits to aid him in battle with spirit tags that he throw. -------- **Passive: Spirit Calling** Hei will have a spirit bar under his mana bar that will charge up everytime he auto attack. Once the bar reach 100% he can summon a spirit depending on what type of tag he is using in his Q ability. * Fire spirit: This spirit will deal 10/15/20(70%ad) has magic damage every fourth auto attack. * Water Spirit: This spirit will fire an attack that will slow the target fourth attack * Nature Spirit: This spirit will knock back the enemy every 4th attack This spirit will attack anything you attack. ------ **Q: Spirit tags** Hei can choose between 3 different spirit tag that he can use to tag an enemy every 4th auto attack for 5sec and apply a special effect on them. *Fire Tag: will make that champion take bonus damage from all attacks. *Water tag: increase your movement speed everytime you attack that target. *Nature tag: heal you a percent everytime you attack the mark target Your allies will benefit from attacking the mark target. ------- **E: Sealing tag** Throw a tag on the floor that root any enemy that stand on it for 2sec ------ **W: Soul release** Fire an attack that will knock the soul from the enemy body and prevent them from attacking until their soul get back. No one can attack the enemy soul. The longer the enemy soul is away from it body the faster the movement speed. ----- **R: Enlightenment** Bless and area that cleanses all debuff to anyone inside and prevent knock up. Spirits in the zone will get buff.
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