Inyolin the templar

[]( Image not created by me spear is meant to be pure white and he wanted is more of a wolf/Fox with scales and wears a helm covering top parts of head and neck with ears pointing up Role: bruiser, support, jungle Lane: Top, mid, bot Resources: Mana Toughness: high Utility: average Mobility: average Damage type: mixed Crowd control: average >Passive Devotion, every 5 seconds spent without using an ability builds 1 stack of devotion, max 10 stacks. Each stack of devotion grants 5% bonus armor/magic resistance and health regeneration. >Passive: Discipline, abilities transfere stacks of devotion to mark enemy units for 10s increasing his damage against them by 5% per stack, max 5 stacks. >Passive, Inyolin wields the sacred spear white horn, causing his 5th basic attacks to pierce 400 units infront him and ignore 40% armor and resistance of enemies struck. --- >[Q] Earth render: Inyolin creates a 200 unit wide shockwave traveling 700 units in a target line dealing 60/80/100/120/140 (+60%Ap) physical damage and knocking up units along its path, slowing them afterwards for 3 seconds. After the wave reaches its end it explodes in a 80° x 100 unit cone dealing critical damage and knocking back units hit. --- >[W] Quarter: Inyolin channels faith for 2 seconds creating a 600 unit ring at a target location to slow enemy units inside by 80% and crush them reducing reducing the size of the ring as well as their current health and armor by 25% over 3 seconds, this ring remains active for 8seconds. --- >[E] Chakra: inyoli summons a 500 unit ring of light around himself increasing the attack speed and regeneration of ally units inside, while dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+20% Ad)(20% Ap) magic damage to enemy units. Damage and health regeneration increase by 20% per champion. This ability consumes devotion to reveal and blind any stealthed enemies in the area. --- >[R] Divine spear: Inyolin channels his faith gaining 10% Ap per stack of devotion and thrusts through a 800 unit target line dealing 200/300/400 + (70%AD)(30% Ap) as true damage. --- >history. Inyolin is was once a captured vastayan who on the day of his execution was granted his power for his extraordinary faith, after being gifted he received a vision and was instructed to aid demacia as a templar in the coming times, using his abilities to punish those who seek to do wrong and banish the incoming horde of the void. --- >Breakdown Inyolin is a melee chabpion who relies heavily on his basic attacks in order to build as many stacks of devotion, each ability used consumes 1 stack of devotion and applies 1 stack of Discipline on target champions. For each stack of discipline Inyolin is able to deal increased damage that champion and every 5th basic attack pierces through enemy units ignoring 40% of their armor, applies to turrets and large monsters.
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