Rhea the Masked Traveling Broker(champion concept)

Rhea the Masked Traveling Broker insperation: based off the cruse known as Ushi no toki mairi where a person would nail a straw effigy behind a tree Short description. A woman with a Ornate silver eye mask. A dark blue and silver cloak with a gold and white hood her arms and feet are heavily bandaged her hair is auburn in a long thick braid. Her eyes are the color of the current stigma she has. a former member of the black rose. After becoming disenchanted with the work tshe did for the Black Rose did she left noxious not before getting badly injured in a confrontation. She now spends her days wandering across RuneTerra building up a reputation as either a benevolent wish granter or a malicious witch who would curse those that displeased her. Some times even both. However, her blessings allways have a price to pay. Role: enchanter Style auto attack and abilities auto attack range: 600 AD 53-104 base attack speed 0.6409+0-17%) hp 585-1,935 hp regen 5.5-14.9 armor 21.2 89.2 magic resist 30 38.5 mana 490-940 mana regen 8 -21.6 movement speed 340 auto attack animation description: raises her hand and the symbol of the current stigma she has appears on the target counts as an instances rather then a projectile. Passive: Collected curses when a stigma is maxed out 10% of missing mana and hp is restored to Rhea and allies with binding contract attached to them In addition Rhea gets 1 second shaved off her current cooldowns Q Binding contract: Cooldown 15/14/13/12/11 seconds mana cost 90/100/110/120/130 target range (450 on ally 350 on enemy) when placed on allies 5/10/15/20/25% damage received is transferred to Rhea in addition ally can place stigma on enemies. When placed on enemy champion Rhea and that champion takes15/14/13/12/10% bonus damage from each other, but if enemy leaves the range of the spell they take 90/120/140/160/180 (+50%AP) magic damage and all current stigma's go up by one stack. Does not apply if Rhea recast onto a different target W Penalty:effect radius: 300 mana cost (80/85/90/95/100) Cooldown (8/7/6/5/4) seconds bolts of stigmatized energy shots out from Rhea's body damaging any thing with Stigma attached to them 15/25/35/45/55 (+5% AP) plus 10-40% bonus magic damage based on targets current stigma. E: Malediction Cooldown 25/24/23/22/21 seconds mana cost (80/90/100/110/120) range 900 (single target does not ignore minions.) Rhea fires a sphere of stigmatized energy. Dealing 65/85/105/125/145 base (+75% ap) in a radius of 250 when it hits an enemy with a stigma on them they receive a curse (20/25/30/35) magic damage over time for 1-4 seconds consuming the stigma stacks. Bonus effects granted on max stigma stacks. When enemy is stigmatized by Max Quickening Malediction inflicts Lethargy 50%(slow and cripple.) for 4 seconds in a radius of 250 When stigmatized by Max Ruin Malediction inflicts grievous wounds for 4 seconds in a radius of 250 When stigmatized by Max Weaken Malediction inflicts they receive Pacify for 4 seconds in a radius of 250 R: Imbue stigma on leveling up select one stigma to equipped onto your auto attack. Has a 0.5 second cool down to switch between stigmas auto attack range 10/20/30 stigma that are not maxed decay 2/3/4 seconds out side of combat. Can be placed on enemy champion/minion/ or monsters. Stigmas note on stigma, you cannot place the same exact stigma on the same target more then once every 10 seconds. Quickening. (color yellow) Places a stigma on enemy when hit with an auto attack from Rhea or ally champion (with binding contract.) they gain bonus 5-20% auto attack speed/movement speed (can break auto attack limit.) Once hit four times the stigma ally champions keep stack of Quickening for a additional 4 seconds Ruin (color red) Places a stigma on enemy when hit with an auto attack from Rhea or ally champion. The enemy receive a reduction in resistances by 5-20% After 4 auto attacks the ruin stigma remains for an additional 4 seconds Weaken (color blue) Places a stigma on enemy when hit with an auto attack from Rhea or ally champion. Enemy AD and AP is reduced by 10% each hit. After 4 hits AD and AP remains reduced by 40% for an additional 4 seconds Animation details Glowing circle colors matching the current stigma appears under there feet with the timer four dots to indicate number of hits before maxed out maxed effect. A haze appears around the champion. With the symbol of the stigma above there head champion interactions: Noxion champion: I didn't betray noxious. I just found the constant politics and backstabbing droll. Amusing, but awfully dull after a few centuries Demacian champion: Demacia a timeless tabloid of hypocrisy. First time seeing Leblanc: Oh dear it seems my past is catching up to me./ Oh my, time for me to move on. Attacking Leblanc: darling can you stop sending people after me? I've not told anyone. other champion concepts https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/X57v0sLm-damian-the-phantom-of-blades-champion-concept-warning-sharp-edges https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/ipxwMjRR-vernal-the-golem-maker-champion-concept

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