Non-cannon Void Invasion Story... part 2

Garen and Kat part 2 “Dammit, what was Noxus thinking,” Garen thought to himself as he marched his troops towards the giant purple parenthesis pillars rising from the landscape that marked the contested border between Noxus and Demacia. Of course he’d responsibly sent a small squad back to the capital immediately to inform high command of what was going on. He’d then gathered the rest of his troops to form ranks and head to investigate… or possibly destroy depending on the size of enemy forces… these pillars. While dawn had yet two hours to crest the horizon, Garen could still use other senses to detect potential enemies. And so his troops marched without even the creak of armor - Demacia made some of the best stuff even when it was generic base equipment for your average troops. After some time, they heard footsteps running towards them that sounded to be in an extra spread formation. More than what they’d expect from the flashes of purple they occasionally saw getting closer to them. A quick whisper to those on either side of him and behind and his orders were near-silently telephoned to the group as they fanned out into three groups. Two of them double timed to kill off the purple flashes following the invisible spread out scouts in front before trapping said scouts in a triangular formation with the help of the third group lead by Garen. Wishing to bring a swift end to any potential struggle, Garen managed to grab one of the men by the chest when they glanced backwards and held his blade to the man’s throat. Er… woman’s? “Unhand me Demacian,” Kat called, “or I shall cut you down.” “P p pardon me ma’am, I thought you to be scouts for the enemy force gathering at the border there,” Garen replied. “Right… release her,” he told his hand as his brain tried to catch up to the situation. “What was she doing here and was she a part of this… thing on the border?” Garen asked himself as his brain identified the voice of the woman to be none other than HER. “I’ll have your commander know of your insolence grabbing a woman like that and threatening her life,” Kat continued. “Garen would never tolerate his troops behaving so…” her voice cut off. “Ga Garen? I’ve never knew you… would be so forward about your feelings.” “Kat! I… I’m terribly sorry, it’s dark out and I didn’t realize,” he began - thanking the dark for hiding his tomato red face. “Weapons down women, we surrender to the Demacians until they can hear our story and realize we aren’t the enemy tonight,” Kat called out. As dawn rose over the horizon, Kat finished explaining how they’d been chased by the void creatures and that Noxus definitely was NOT involved with the summoning of such creatures via the giant arced pillars still standing on the horizon. “Well, you’re safe now m’lady,” Garen told her. “What were you doing here anyways that you ran into them in the first place since you don’t normally patrol this area?” Garen asked… noticing a slight flushing of Kat’s cheeks and an aversion of her gaze from him. “Promise me you won’t make fun of me?” she asked… appearing more vulnerable and open than Garen had ever seen her. Looking fiercely into his eyes, she said, “I love you. I came here with my few trusted friends to tell you that and ask if you felt the same. I, there’s nobody else quite like you in Demacia… or Noxus. I know we’re from different sides and it might seem stupid, but… but I REALLY WANT to work something out. So… so please.” “I… you… f feel that way too,” stuttered Garen. “I cannot call myself a man right now after allowing a woman to confess her love for me first. I’d thought you could never love me more than the ideals of your country and didn’t want to pressure you into choosing between me and them.” Ffffffffrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooosssshhh. Wind whipped through the camp stirring everyone’s hair into a mess as a giant column of light shot laser straight across the sky into one of the pillars damaging it but not destroying it. Drawn back to the moment and the situation at hand, Garen asked Kat and her friends to accompany his group for the moment. They needed to get to those pillars quickly. Garen prayed that most of the void army had already marched on and would ignore the attack that had been made on their portal. If not, his sister might not live long enough for them to reach her. United “You made it, and you got my message,” Lux said to the group - noting Kat and her brother standing only slightly awkwardly together. “Most of the void army has moved on for now, but from what I learned in ancient manuscripts during my traveling studies I remembered the same thing being said in Icathia only for another army to pour out of such a gate days later, so I thought it best to destroy the thing before that could happen,” Lux explained. “Umm… did you tell my brother by the way?” Before Kat could start a fight with his sister, Garen confirmed yes and explained to Kat how Lux must have known due to following her for some time. “So those weren’t moonsilver lilies but rather your magic,” Kat concluded. “Maybe you aren’t so bad afterall.” “More importantly, we need to destroy that portal before it repairs itself and a new army can pass through. The one that already came through is enough to wipe half of Demacia or Noxus on it’s own,” Lux explained. “I’ve taxed too much of my magic between spying on Kat’s party, protecting them while stealthing myself, and finally that blast you saw earlier which damaged the gates. I need to recharge and rest for at least half a day before I can use anything substantial again.” “Right,” replied Garen. “Kat can lead my portion of our force and work with our other two leaders to break through the remaining void creatures guarding the void gates and then I’ll finish what my sister started,” Garen began - explaining his plan. Bbbbrrrrrrrddddddsssssssshhhhhhh. The ground shook in waves as light crashed down from the sky obliterating the badly damaged void pillars/gates. Thank goodness Garen had learned that spell from his ancestors as nothing else in their arsenal seemed to have been capable of damaging the gates after Lux’s earlier attack. Well, no void creatures would be using those again. Regrouping, the agreed to head back to the capital at once and warn high command of the approaching army. Garen’s truly and her party would be coming with them - they’d more than proven themselves in both loyalty and capability in the fight to take down the pillars. At least for as long as this crisis lasted.

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