Free Champ / Skin / RP Giveaways!

Hey guys! I started a twitch account recently and I'm looking to get big, and I mean big. I know, it sounds mediocre and its every summoner's dream, but I have great aspirations and won't give up until I meet my desired goals. So in order to get what I want, I have to give summoners opportunities that are rare to find with just a simple follow on I will be giving a random follower a free, random champion in League of Legends and a skin of their choice with that champion that was chosen. This will happen at the desired follower caps -30 Followers -50 Followers -80 Followers A grand prize of 2,800 RP and a champion with a free skin will be given to a random follower at 110 followers! So please support my channel, follow me, and stay tuned! Thank you.
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