Karashir - Guardian of Greed

https://manajournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/kulve-taroth.jpg (The picture gives an idea of what this thing could be) We have a lot of champions in the game, but I have never so far seen a dragon associated with greed or hoarding of gold, the only thing I could associate is with pyke's kill share, but that's about it, not really a main concept of the champion. So yea, for a champion that represents greed, I decided to make it a dragon, because we all know dragons in folklore hoard gold. It is a wingless (temporarily), terrestrial dragon with large horns, and the same set of horns being on the end of its tail. It has a platinum hide with gold spikes, horns, teeth, claws, and orb-like core on its head. Also, a little concept similar to the dragon image above, being of kulve taroth of monster hunter, the dragon can use gold to make armor envelop its body, in other words this champion is mainly a tank. Now for the fun stuff. Role: Tank Lane: Jungle Damage: AD Passive - Guardian of gold Karashir gains gold 1.5x more than other champions, this also applies to kills (excluding bounties). Karashir can either buy items regularly with gold as usual, OR can apply it to enhancing his golden armor, increasing certain bonus stats. Horns enhancement: 30 bonus AD (2000 Gold) Leg armor enhancement: 15% more movement speed and 25 armor. (2250 Gold) Tail armor enhancement: 15% cooldown reduction and 25 magic resist (2250 Gold) Golden wings: Enhances Ultimate (3000 Gold) Q - Burst Crash Karashir winds up for 1 second, afterwards, he slams one of his forelegs down onto the ground, knocking up and damaging enemies in a circle range in any direction. If he has leg armor enhancement, it will spread a crack filled with molten gold, eruption across the ground in a straight line, damaging and slowling enemies. W - Molten Greed passive: Karashir's abilities (excluding ultimate) leave behind clumps of gold on random locations within their hitboxes. Karashir can also make a pile of gold appear from whenever he kills a large monster, epic monster, dragon, or champion active: Karashir breaths a wave of extreme heat in a straight line, and can recast to move the beam of superheated air over the ground, sweeping over and damaging targets, but the beam cannot go over walls. The breath can also melt the golden piles left by his E passive, turning them into pools of molten gold, which lightly damage but slow enemies who walk into them. E - Tyrannical Rush By pressing the king, Karashir charges forward a short distance, damaging and knocking back enemies in the way. As long as the key is held down, Karashir rushes towards the target direction and can steer, after connecting with an enemy champion, he crashes his horns into them, knocking them up and damaging them. The horns enhancement allows him to stampede through more than one champion, the Tail armor enhancement allows him to use his q in the middle of the charge to jump on a target location and do a knockup, with smaller damage than the original q, however it puts his e and q on cooldown. R - Glimmer of the Golden God Karashir charges up for 2.5 seconds, afterwards he breaths a massive heatwave, creating a golden light, in a wide straight direction, which shields allies in it, and damages enemies in it. If he has his Golden Wings, he can recast during the charge up, and fly over the area he is breathing the heatwave over till the endpoint of the range.
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