Arcade Viktor

{{champion:112}} *"Join the glorious dance dance revolution"* A while back I posted a skin idea for an Arcade or "Disco" Viktor skin idea. After looking around I found people had similiar ideas and thought I would share some of the fanart people have made of it! While it may sound like a silly idea at first I think it fits very well. Viktor is a very serious character, and I like that about him, but I feel like he could use a more lighthearted skin. Arcade fits very well with its old school video game type feel due to Viktor being, well, technology based. With all of the arcade skins being themed after certain style of game, I think it would be cool if arcade viktor was themed after a dance dance revolution game, hence the quote at the top. **Q:** It could be a pixelated type record disc, that comes out of a record player type device somewhere around his shoulder or resting atop his pimp staff **W:** I picture it as a giant dance pad, that when enemies are stunned inside of it it makes them dance. **E:** I couldnt think of much than this other than a strobe light type laser. **R:** The main ability should be a GRAND DISCO BALL! It flies around shocking people with assorted colors of strobe lights and could even play music while active. I think a cool touch that could be implemented in this skin would be a rename to the augments. Imagine them being named: Augment: Funk Augment: Groovy Augment: Hip I think this would be hilarious! Anyway, on to some fanart some amazing people made! **This ones by** This is an amazing picture by an amazing artist! I think it captures the feel of a arcade themed viktor perfectly. Reminds me of daft punk in a way. Falconshield even made a song for viktor with a very arcade type style to it: **Edit:**Adding more fanart! {{champion:112}} *Rave the way!*

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