Pimp Daddy Ivern & Thicc Bitch Twitch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

_**Make your purchases now, This God Tier+ Skin will only be out for 12 hours, costing up to 75,000 RP. Let me assure you that Pimp Daddy Ivern will do nothing less than his name. He will provide the thickest of twitch bitches and the hardest of ass slapping. The recall feature for these two champions with these God Tier+ Skins will be consistant of Thicc Bitch Twitch being pimped out to Iverns Ultimate Companion and ends with Pimp Daddy Ivern Violently Shoving his high heels in between his Thiccness when he talks back to them. The high demand for such a revolutionary skin will make RP sales skyrocket, making Riot Games the highest grossing company for at least the next decade. Investors will see a 1000% return on their initial investment, player enjoyment and satisfaction will drastically increase, as will the longevity of the game itself, not to mention the player base will surpass those of Roblox, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, & Fortnite COMBINED! Other improvements this skin will make is the elimination of world hunger, improvement of worldwide literacy rates, and your spouse might fall back in love with you! I speak for the people when I say, "WE NEED PIMP DADDY IVERN & THICC BITCH TWITCH!!". Thank you for your time, and if this doesn't get made into a skin, I'll see you in court on the charge of treason.**_ Credits: @Harrisey @ChrisBing @EIQ Malathor
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