Vallian the shield bearer

Role: Tank, support, Jungle, bruiser Lane: top, Bot, mid Resource: energy Damage type: physical Reliance: Mixed Utility: high Mobility: average Crowd control: low Toughness: average [Lore; Against The Walls pt1]( [Passive] Shield bearer: Vallian wields two shields which he uses to deadly effect. Each shield grants him a 20% increase to his armor, resistance and health regeneration but reduces his movement speed by the same amount. [Passive] Ring shields: Vallian's shields are both circular allowing them to be thrown as projectiles, after being thrown these shields can be caught or pick up granting it's effects and 20% of vallian's maximum health as a shield for the next 3 seconds. [Passive] Insecure: Vallian gains 10% bonus life steal each time he throws one of his shields stacking twice and falls off when a shield is regained. [Q] focused flight: Vallian aims for up to 3 seconds before throwing his shield in a target direction dealing 60/75/90/105/120 (+75% Ad) physical damage and stuns the first enemy champion hit falling to the ground after. Allies can carry these shields for 20 seconds or can return them by coming into basic stack range of Vallian. If Vallian aims at a wall the shields deflection path will be displayed before it is thrown and has the added effect of stunning the enemy champion it makes contact with for 1.5 seconds. if a shield is not thrown within 3 seconds the skill is refunded its mana cost and is placed on a 2 second cooldown. Holds 2 charges, 5 second cooldown, no wait time in between, must have a shield to be used reclaiming a shield instantly refreshes the cool down of this ability. --- [W] Full tackle: Vallian dashes to a target location gaining a burst of movement speed for 3 seconds then rolls forward 300 unis after the duration. Enemy champions hit during the rush are dealt 70/90/120/140/160 (+50% Ad)(100% bonus armor) physical damage and are knocked backwards before rolling, this ability can also be used on allies making them untargetable for 2 second before pushing them away. --- [E] Ground pass: Vallian slides his shield across the ground to a target location slowing enemy champions who pass over it by 20% stopping 200 units behind their contact point. Ally champions also gain a 20% boost in movement speed while traveling in the direction of the shield. --- [R] Total Defense: Valian uses both shields placing one infront and the other overhead and becomes immobilized to completely block all vector based damage striking the front and top of his shield, any attack negated pushes Vallian back a proportional distance equal to the damage it would have dealt. This ability is able to Block any vector based damage including lasers and cone based Damage as long as they are hitting the front or top of the shields. champion breakdown. Vallian is a Demacian defender who was sold into slavery to the Noxus empire, during his times in Noxus he developed a paranoia that with out his shields, the only things that offered him protection and comfort would devolve into a deranged madman. Vallian is a fast paced support marksman who's primary role is to keep his allies safe by deploying his shield to them, his[passive] grants him 10% life steal any time he is with out a shield stacking twice when he deploys both shields. --- his Q focused flight allows him the ability to throw his shields to near by allies or enemies and off walls to either shield or stun the respective receiver. this ability can he held for up to 3 seconds in order to aim or cancel the ability, can be used while moving. his W allows him to gain speed to either move an enemy or ally out of way just before/in time for an attack this move provides an added level of defense to his allies by granting them invulnerability at their moment of contact. hie e allows him to safely assist his allies in escaping a situation unharmed or providing them enough time to escape by slowing down their enemies. his ultimate stands as his last line of defense, by sacrificing his self and standing in the way of his enemies he is able to completely block any vector based ability by placing his shield between his self and the direction of the incoming attack and by placing his first shield directly over hie head to also block Arial attacks.
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