New Champion Idea

Maasai the Sun God Passive - Sunburn- Maasia's basic attacks and spells cause the enemies to sunburn. Upon stacking 3 times Maasai's next spell or attack will deal double damage to that enemu. Maasai can sunburn multiple enemies at once. Q- Sun Ray- Maasai shoots down a beam of light from the Sun damaging the target. Applies stack of Sunburn W- Flare- Maasai sends out a flare in a choosen direction to a target location. Upon arrival the flare erupts and lights up that area revealing it for Maasai and his team members. Enemies caught in the flares direct eruption will take damage and gain a stack of sunburn E- Immense heat- Maasai engulfs himself with the Suns immense heat. Damaging enemies around him applying a stack of sunburn. This spells damage is based of Maasai's mana pool. The more mana Maasai has upon activate the stronger the spell but the faster his mana drains. While active this spells damage will decrease as his mana is drained. R- Suns Fury (Global) Maasai channels the power of the sun to cast a global light that blinds all enemies for a short duration and damages those close to Maasia. Those closes to Maasai will take heavy damage and are blinded for 3 seconds. Those semi far from Maasai will take moderate damage and are blinded for 2 seconds. Those farthest from Maasai will be blinded for 1 second and take minimal damage. (While channeling Maasai can be heard across the map saying " Feel the power of a thousand suns and BURN" Lore- During Aurulion Sols travels across the cosmos, the dragon came upon a star that burned brighter and hotter than any other he had encountered. Peering into it the dragon found a resting soul that was growing. Aurulion Sol nurtured the star himself and thus helped the soul inside grow and upon reaching its final stage Maasai was born. Tasked by Aurulion Sol to travel the cosmos and ignite stars so life may form around him Maasai did so with great pleasure until, the day he was attacked by Sol. Unbeknowest to Maasai Aurulion sol was being controlled and forced to do the bidding of mortals. Unable to slay his adoptive father Maasai allowed Sol to defeat him and retreated to the closest star near them. In the heart of the galaxy where Runeterra lies, Maasai was able to learn of his fathers captors and dispair through the stars rays that travelled to the world. Angered, and fully recovered Maasai has come to exact revenge upon those who enslaved his father and burn all who stand in his way

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