2 Item concepts I thought of

>{{item:3692}} Scythe of Dread [Melee only] >+300 Health +55 Attack Damage >UNIQUE - Grievous Wounds: Physical damage inflicts Grievous Wounds on enemy champions for 5 seconds. >UNIQUE - Passive: Attacking a an enemy below 35% of their maximum health, will spawn a void portal next to the user of this item and basic attacks will gain 35 - 175 (increased upon killing 5 enemies) bonus range, but the scythe will attack instead if attacking from the bonus range. If attacking within the normal champion attack range while this passive is triggered both the scythe and the user will be able to attack. In addition the scythe applies on-hit effects, but it's attack speed is locked at 1.00. >*** >Build Path: {{item:1037}} 875g + {{item:3052}} 1200g + {{item:3123}} 800g + 475g = 3350g . >{{item:3694}} Singularity Cloak >+200 Health +50 Armor +50 Magic Resistance >UNIQUE - Passive: Upon taking lethal damage that would bring down the user of this item below to 40% maximum health, become untargetable for 3 seconds and gain +50 bonus movement speed when not moving toward the enemy [90 second cooldown]. In addition when this effect is triggered, the user of this item can basic attack or use a basic ability but it will stop this effect immediately. >*** >Build Path: {{item:3211}} 1200g + {{item:1033}} 450g + {{item:1031}} 800g = 2450
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