Help me design the playing cards for worlds! (poll added) Howdy folks! After I managed to get my [first deck]( out for the public, I decided to make a special edition for worlds, a deck of cards to remember this season! (even though I can imagine you'd rather forget this one...). Now, in the title you read that I need your help. That is, on the selection of champions and their numbers. I've gone with the concept in which each lane has its own suit. Spades (Mid) Diamonds (Top) Clubs (Jungle) Hearths (ADC and Support) ???? (Jokers) I just had to put two roles together, so it'd make sense if this were the adc's and the supports. To decide which champion should go where, I made use of the [LCS tier list]( from ranked boost. The Royalties and aces contain the 'God-tier' champions of this season, with the exception of karma as the queen of mid/spades, since there were no female god-tier champions for that lane (sadly). Pretty much all other cards are tier one's. Which leaves the following lineup: Now, I'd like to know if any of you have suggestions regarding the champions and their spots. Please, use the poll before commenting, because I'll mainly see the comments that suggest I change something, whilst the ones that agree probably don't have anything to comment :). Also, the jokers, could be casters? *** Now that we have this done, I'd like to show you how far I came. Starting off with the back design. I'm going for a dark border and a white one. If you use them often the white ones will not show their intense usage as easily as the 'borderless' ones. As you might have noticed I've used the team icons from MSI, since I do not yet know which teams will participate in worlds this year. *** The fronts well they look pretty much like this: I think that the suit are a little toooo much to the sides, so I'll be fixing that first. Also, there will be some small text outside of the border, having to do with the season, year, North America and what not, working on that as well. The suits are once again custom made, and so is the border and label design (I did use and existing banner design as an inspiration to this one). The other suits: Not all to certain about the jokers. That's about all I can share. Looking forward to your feedbacks!
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