1 v 1 Chess battle mode

So im going to probably Date myself with this post but here goes.. A couple of days ago i was chatting with a Co worker about LoL. and I was telling him about a game i used to play as a kid on the Commodore 64 call Archon. It was a chess battle game where it was Light vs. Dark.. the chess pieces where characters like the rook was actually a Golem, a knight was a unicorn , etc.. however the twist was just cause a piece was supposed to be taken didnt mean it was lost. example knight takes rook a quick battle would take place where the players would then have a 1v1 battle with the given pieces.. Each piece has pros and cons. Golems (Rook) had high HP and threw rocks but were VERY slow... where the Unicorn (Knight) was VERY fast movement and ranged attacks but low HP. Anyways with this being said I was thinking this could be an interesting possible fun mode with Riot to make.. each game could have set of rules like each game has 30 mins max. Each battle is a 5 min battle. Players are able to select any champ to be whatever chess piece without repeating a champ, (i.e: No double Darius on 1 team) maybe even give buff or debuffs to champs depending on what color of square the fight is taking place.. Just something i was thinking of when chatting about fun games and stuff.. Let me know what you think...

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