VS 2019

I think it will be great if next VS event would be about Ornn and Volibear. I think it will be awesome to see that - two demigods fighting! And good thing about this as well will be skins and missions, I think they will have to be unique. Like, u could make missions like: Ornn - Buy 10 items or get 10 assists (something like that cuz Ornn is demigod who loves peace and crafting, he doesnt love much to fight and destroy, he loves to create), Volibear - Destroy 5 towers or get 10 kills (Volibear is total opposite of Ornn, he lives for battle and destroy). This event will be very interesting and I dont rly know who will win (I would love it to be Ornn cuz I main him) P.S. pls Riot, PLS - give some love to our grumpy little god Ornn, he deserves some buffs, he is pretty weak without unstoppability so give him it back pls, at least give it on his E...
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