Opinions on 750 RP skins?

Hey, So I just posted a board a few minutes ago about what champions deserve new skins, and then I thought about the whole thing about 750 RP skins, and decided it would make the other post simply too long to include it. So, what do you think about skins costing 750 RP, but only getting a champion retexture instead of including recall, abilities, etc that would cost 975-1820 RP. Personally, I don't really like them. I totally understand that it makes them more affordable, but on the other hand I just don't see it doing a whole lot for the champion. I would much rather have a new champion appearance along with abilities and potentially recalls/taunts etc. I just think it makes it so much more worth the RP. For example: Queen of Diamonds Syndra. I love Syndra, she's one of my mains for a reason. She also has 2 other great skins (Justicar and Atlantean), and I was excited about Queen of Diamonds, but the new skin pales in comparison to the other 2 that she's had for so long because they're full skins, so I didnt even bother thinking twice about buying the new one. I honestly just think that a full skin rework for 975 or 1350 would sell better than a champion reskin for 750, and be more worth it. (I obviously don't know about the sales part though, I don't have access to those numbers) So, sorry about the long post. I doubt anyone has made it this far and it might be a little jumbled. I just type fast and couldn't figure out the best way to get my point across in less words. So what's your opinion? Would you rather more 750 RP skins (just for the sake of new skins), or would you prefer potentially waiting a bit longer but getting 975 skins that include refreshing abilities, recalls etc?
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