Order Position Preference selection (similar to role selection)

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Hey Riot, quick idea... What if we added feature to be able to choose pick order position for champ select, the same way you can select roles. By default, it can be set to fill, but you can pick HIGHER if you wan't to be positioned earlier in the draft (you would like to first pick your champion) or pick LOWER (you would like to counter pick / last pick your champion) This sort of works in high elo through chat-communication, however, some people do not have all champs therefore swapping in between players adds just more issues. In nowadays meta of counter picks especially in solo lanes, being able to counter / not being able to counter for some unspecific reasons can be sometimes game-deciding. Me as a game designer myself, I find the idea of order-priority preference feature VERY handy and potentially popular between players. Also, for overall better user experience: I would save the selected preferred roles to game account and set them to those values each time you open soloq lobby (being able to just press Find Match) http://prntscr.com/r21ahb OPTIONAL/ NICE TO HAVE: we could do the same for the order pick priority, which, technically speaking, could be saved different for every unique PRIMARY preferred role you go (you feeling playing mid today, you select mid, automatically, you picked LOWER pick order preference, set it to that value, you pick support as your primary role instead, you usually run that with HIGHER pick order preference, it set's itself to LOWER) keep in mind that this last (nice to have) paragraph that I stated, could require little more visual info for the player to not make it unintentionally confusing.
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