Idea for balancing champion classes better

Hello. I just thought of a way that would really help balance all classes of champions. A big factor in balancing champions is the items that a champion uses. One problem is when a class of champion uses another classes items. The best example would be fighters, using items meant for adcs or tanks. Actually, fighters being very strong right now is what motivated me to make this post. My idea is this: have every champion in each class have a passive, that all champions of that class have. For example, for fighters, the passive would be : for every 100 bonus hp AND 10 bonus AD (up to maximum 1000 bonus hp & 100 bonus AD), gain 10 extra AD. (Both HP and AD required for extra damage). So, if Camille has 1000 bonus HP AND 100 bonus AD, she gains 100 extra attack damage. To ensure fighters dont have too much AD, all fighters would need to start with less AD, and have less AD gained per level, since they would be getting extra AD because of passive. This would basically incentive fighters to build exclusively HP and AD. In addition, Riot could then create items specifically fitted for fighters. This would make it not worth it to build items not fit for your class, as you would be losing the bonus offered by your passive. For ADCs, the passive would be maybe: for every 10% bonus Attack Speed (up to maximum 100% bonus Attack Speed) , gain 12 extra AD (for maximum of 120 extra AD). For tanks, the passive could be: for every 30 bonus armor (up to maximum 300 bonus armor), gain 60 extra HP (for maximum of 600 extra HP). For assassins, the passive could be : for every 30 bonus AD (up to maximum 300 bonus AD), gain 5 extra movement speed AND 2% lifesteal (for maximum of 50 extra MS and 20% lifesteal. For mages, the passive could be: for every 100 bonus mana (up to 1000 bonus mana), gain 18 AP (for maximum of 180 extra AP). For healers/enchanters, the passive could be: for every 500 HP healed OR 500 shielded (up to 5000 HP healed OR 5000 shielded), gain 3% Cooldown reduction AND 40 Gold (for maximum of 30% CDR AND 400 Gold) Basically, just how champion abilities have scaling, this would be scaling based on the champion itself. I really think this can help the game be more fair, so that one particular item cant be abused by a certain champion. I really hope someone at Riot can read this and let me know what they think. Also, anyone who reads this, let me know what you think about it. Thank you for reading.
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