@Meddler or any Rioter who would be in charge of this regarding Mordekaiser.

First of all I would like to go out and say I really like {{champion:82}}'s changes a friend of mine and I took turns playing him and we really liked how he felt even if the changes were minimal I think he is on the right track. I was just curious if there were any plans to bring him artistically into the identity of all of the other Shadow Isles champions have? Whether that be a skin like Underworld Mordekaiser or in a champion design update. Personally I think the Shadow Isles has been identified artistically in such an awesome way I would really like to see that sort of change for Morde. Be it a legendary skin or an update I would gladly pay for/wait for it. Just looking for a short answer just as a confirmation. TL;DR Are there plans to rework Mordekaiser artistically to be in line with the current Shadow Isles identity or is their plans for a skin to do that?
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