[Rework Concept] Ivern and Daisy, the Friends of the Forest

https://66.media.tumblr.com/45fcd1fc4a71ab0c5e4e1dd6d62c0adc/tumblr_ohhljfcXGt1s0k4v0o1_1280.jpg --- Passive - Friend of the Forest: Unchanged Q - Rootcaller: Ivern throws a vine in the target direction, rooting the first enemy hit for a short duration. Ivern and his allies can target enemies rooted by Rootcaller to Dash dash to them, with allies and Ivern stopping at their attack range. * Daisy: Little Daisy will throw herself at the rooted enemy, dealing magic damage in an area around the rooted enemy. * Daisy!: Daisy dashes into range and gains bonus attack speed, for her next 3 attacks, against the rooted enemy. W - Brushmaker: Ivern grows a patch of brush at the target location for 30 seconds, revealing the area within and around it for 3 seconds. Brushmaker spawns more brush if used near terrain or other brush. * Daisy: While in a bush with Ivern, Little Daisy will leap atop Ivern, and attack his attack target, dealing bonus magic damage on hit. 3 seconds after leaving a bush Daisy will fall off Ivern. * Daisy!: While in a bush with Ivern Daisy will pick up Ivern, disarming herself, but allowing Ivern to move and attack. Ivern's auto attacks apply Flower Power. Ivern's movement command will directly control Daisy. 3 seconds after leaving a bush Daisy will drop Ivern. E - Triggerseed: Ivern gifts a Triggerseed to the target allied champion, himself or Daisy, shielding them for 2 seconds. At the end of its duration, Triggerseed bursts, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them for 2 seconds. * Daisy: Targeting Little Daisy with Triggerseed will cause her to knock up enemies around her for 1 seconds, instead of slowing them. * Daisy!: Targeting Daisy gives her bonus movement speed, and bonuses from items and runes as if Ivern had shielded an ally champion. Triggering Flower Power while shielded by Triggerseed will cause the shockwave to deal the bonus magic damage from Triggerseed's burst to and slow all enemies around the shockwave. R - Daisy - Innate at Level 1 - Passive: Little Daisy follows Ivern around as a small Sentry, providing a small amount of vision around her when separated from Ivern. She is untargetable and invaunerable, but can't directly attack. She can be controlled directly by Alt+right clicking. She has bonus sight range while in a bush. * Daisy! - Level 6+ - Active: Ivern empowers Daisy, turning her into a Sentinal, who remains empowered for 60 seconds. Daisy can be attacked, taking lethal damage reduces Daisy back to a Sentry. Daisy's auto attacks apply a stack of Flower Power. The third stack of Flower Power against a single target gains bonus attack range and sends forward a shockwave that damages and knocks up all enemies hit in a line for 1 second. Flower Power cannot happen again for 3 seconds.
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