Happy Birthday Elementalist Lux!

Happy Birthday Elementalist Lux!
Elementalist Lux was released exactly 2 years ago, November 28th, 2016. This skin means a lot to me and allow me to tell you why! Before that, links!
Elementalist Lux was released exactly 2 years ago, November 28th, 2016. This skin means a lot to me and allow me to tell you why! (I included this in the description of the video, so you can read it here or there!) Near the end of 2016, I had purchased my very first microphone because ever since I was a little child, I enjoyed speaking and reading things aloud, thus I wanted to try something with audio for fun. I recorded Yorick's biography on a phone, and made a video from it, and I thought I'd maybe take on the challenge to make my voice into a tool for profit, not just for fun. In November 2016, I received my first audiobook assignment, and I worked really hard on it, too hard almost. I was obsessed with making it right and making sure my first impression was as best as it could possibly be. At that time, Elementalist Lux was announced and I really liked the skin, but it was very expensive for my standards. I still lived with my family, just finished college which had nothing to do with audio or entertainment, uncertain where to go next. I worked on articles online but I really hoped something would come out of my audio work. I bought skins before from what I made online. It never crossed my mind to even ask my family for money as I thought it would be unfair to take our money away for a skin. Meanwhile, I submitted the audiobook which I finally completed and I told myself that if it was successfully processed and approved to meet the required standards, the very first thing I wanted to buy with my voice-over money was the Elementalist Lux skin to treat myself for a first job successfully completed. Lo and behold, it was approved and successful, and I could purchase Elementalist Lux finally. That time was very important to me and very nostalgic today, remembering playing Elementalist Lux during the winter mode on Summoner's Rift. It just brings me back to that feeling of thrill and happiness that I decided to try something new and succeeded at it, and was rewarded for it. December 2016 was one of the happiest months of my life. Today, I am a lot more relaxed when working with audio, I've upgraded my equipment three times, since I recorded Yorick's lore (the first league audio I ever recorded and I might share it one day) on my phone and made a video out of it. Since then, I upgraded the lore with a better microphone to make it more polished. I remember many little steps and points in that journey, and granted, I didn't go to the stars and beyond, but I am getting there, and whenever I see Elementalist Lux, she brings me back to that feeling of December, the snowy rift, waiting forever to get to pick her and play her mid, and enjoying each and every single game with my own little award for success. So I am thankful for this skin, for Riot, for the voice actress who amazed me with her talent, Carrie Keranen managed to capture the essence of each and every form, and it just amazes me to this day. And also, I'm very thankful for the guy who hired me for that first audiobook (with whom I work on occasion with even today)! So yes, that is the reason why Elementalist Lux means so much to me, and will forever be my favourite skin :) (my favourite forms, in case anyone is wondering, are as follows, despite the levels of my affection being very subtle, as I like them all. Mystic took me a bit to get used to but I like it quite a bit now! 1. Magma (best look/laugh) 2. Storm (best ult) 3. Dark (best look) 4. Nature (a pick you never get sick of) 5. Ice (best emotion/ shes my notification sound) 6. Air (best recall) 7. Mystic (best to love/hate) 8. Water (heaviest ult - literally) 9. Fire (predecessor to my 2 favourite forms) 10. Light (elegant and pleasant, despite being played the most) What's your order? Let me know in the comments, and thank you for reading this far!
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