[Yordle Concept] Ruxin, the Noxian Fox

**Lore:** [I would like to hear suggestions to improve his lore.] > Ruxin has lived in Noxus as long as he can remember. That is not saying much since he only remembers waking up in Noxus and nothing before that. > > Ruxin does not really resemble a fox. He is called the Noxian Fox because of his sly ways of overcoming foes. When he awoke for the first time in Noxus, he was being robbed of his shield. The man was running away with it when Ruxin activated the runes on his gauntlet to magically pull the shield back to him. The man was dragged along for the ride refusing to let go of his prize. Upon arriving to Ruxin's side, the man pulled a gun from his tattered shirt. Ruxin realized how poorly dressed the man was. The man appeared to be homeless. Ruxin decided to take a bet on his own life. With the gun pointed directly at his head, Ruxin punched the man in the leg causing the man to collapse to the ground. When Ruxin asked why the man did not shoot him, the man said that he had no bullets. Ruxin befriended the man and grew his relations from there starting a gang. > > Ruxin is able to survive in Noxus because he has a way of handling his separation from yordle-kind. Whenever he feels lonely, he reminds himself that he will be able to go to Bandle City in the end. Living in Noxus is a constant struggle. Once he can remember why he is in Noxus and how he got there, he will go to Bandle City to live happily ever after. ___ **Passive:** > Ruxin's auto-attacks execute minions below a certain amount of health. Killing a minion by any means grants the nearest allied champion gold equal to the kill. These effects require a nearby allied champion and consume a charge. This passive will be deactivated if Ruxin has an item with the **Spoils of War** passive. >___ >Ruxin's shield increases its "holder's" armor and magic resistance, but decreases their movement speed and attack speed. **Q:** >**With Shield:** >*While Unbound:* >Ruxin tosses his shield in a line to target location dealing damage and slowing enemies it passes through. [Think {{champion:2}} Olaf's **Undertow**] >*While Bound:* >If Ruxin's attack damage is greater than his **Shield Bind**'s target's attack damage, then Ruxin throws his **Shield Bind**'s target to target location. If Ruxin's attack damage is less than his **Shield Bind**'s target's attack damage, then Ruxin lets go of his shield. >___ > >**Without Shield:** >*While Unbound:* >Ruxin dashes to his shield to pick it up. >*While Bound:* >Ruxin dashes to his **Shield Bind**'s target to hold onto his shield. **W:** >**With Shield:** >*While Unbound:* >Ruxin smashes the ground with his shield dealing damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them for a short duration decaying over the duration. If an enemy is already slowed, they will be stunned for a very short duration and then slowed for a short duration decaying over the duration. >*While Bound:* >Ruxin smashes his **Shield Bind**'s target dealing damage. >___ >**Without Shield:** >*While Unbound:* >Ruxin activates the runes on his gauntlet to pull his shield back to him dealing damage to enemies it passes through. >*While Bound:* >If Ruxin's ability power is greater than his **Shield Bind**'s target's ability power, then Ruxin activates the runes on his gauntlet to pull his **Shield Bind**'s target to him to hold onto his shield. **E:** >**With Shield:** >Ruxin shouts to increase the armor and magic resistance of nearby allied champions. >___ >**Without Shield:** >Ruxin shouts to increase the movement speed and attack speed of nearby allied champions. **R [Shield Bind]:** >Ruxin binds his shield to target champion for 2 seconds. This causes Ruxin to let go of his shield. Ruxin's **Q** and **W** change while the bind persists. If the targeted champion dies while bound and Ruxin is not holding onto the shield, the shield will be left on the ground where the targeted champion dies. >**With Shield:** >For the duration, the champion with the greater attack damage can move freely and drag the champion with less attack damage around with them but Ruxin cannot attack the victim. [[A Short Animation To Explain Ruxin's Abilities](http://imgur.com/eC3VIwn)] I posted the picture that inspired my idea of what he would look like and my half-done artistic concept of him. I gave up on finishing it because it all started to look wrong to me. I am terrible at digital coloring. :/
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