Thunder Warrior champion ( no name , just concept)

Thunder Warrior champion with hand heavy sword and shield. can play as Tank or AD. (Top, jungle or support) passive : Enemies hit by first basic attack receive a Mark of the thunder for 6 seconds and abilities applies a mark of thunder . 3th stack of mark of thunder will call down thunder stun target for 1 second and deals magic damage secondary bar : Fury : basic attack and abilitys also generates Fury. basic attack 5 Fury and gain 1 Fury for every second in combat. gains bonus AD and crit for every 5 Fury . Q :Thunder sword slash: charge up thunder on the sword and heavy sword slashdown does bonus physical damage . Cost 30 fury. E passive : battle shout increasing AD by 10 to you and to your nearby allies for 8 seconds when while you thunder charge. (short range buff) E Active: thunder charge : charge forward to the target enemy location and slow for 1 sec and gain 20 fury W:Shield passive : blocks a basic attack from enemy every 6 sec goes on cooldown if hit. (have armor and magic resist scaling on W) W : Shieldslam : Active : Slam your shield on enemy within your range dealing physical damage blow and stun him enemy for 1.25 − 1.75 (based on level ) and Gaining bonus armor and magic resist for 3 seconds. ( gain 15 fury) R - Thunder Whirlwind : Spins around with heavy sword , around himself for 3 seconds, increasing movement speed, gaining bonus armor and Magic resistance bonus dealing physical damage to all enemies within range apply 1 Mark of the thunder to champion for every second damaged by thunder Whirlwind.

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