New Skins for Unusual Champions

Hi guys, i think that could be wonderful to give some more skins also to less-played champions that have not much skins, instead of create twelve or more skins for the sames 3 most-played champions. For example i found a lot of very cool ideas on web like: 1) {{champion:203}} Reverse Kindred (a black lamb with a white wolf) (holy... so beautiful). 2) {{champion:83}} Goldigger Yorick (with shovel and backpack) ( 3) {{champion:98}} Deadpool Shen (red-black clothes)( or... 4) {{champion:85}} Deadpool kennen 5) {{champion:112}} Inspector Viktor (with a magnifying glass as 3rd arm) ( Please tell me what do you think about this, i have to go bye bye {{summoner:4}}
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