So Riot, Question about Skins (Like Silver kayle/ Other hard to obtain skins.)

When are we going to be able to get them once again, if in fact, they are going to be released? Last year, all codes from all promotional skins, be it Silver Kayle from the collectors edition, to say Pax TF / Pax Jax, and all other codes for such were literally deactivated. What about those who still wish to puchase or own the skins, but cannot put the code in due to them being deactivated? What about all the people who spend money to buy said things online and not get bamboozled, only to have them not work in the store? Can we get a clear-cut answer, or else physically state that all codes before such and such time are unavailable to use? IS THERE REALLY A REASON WHY THEY WERE DEACTIVATED IN THE FIRST PLACE? I want Silver Kayle, I never got her when I started years ago... so why cant I get her now or get a straight answer as to why? That is all. -Unholy
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