[CCOS] Elórin, the Pale Lady

**Elórin, the Pale Lady** A roaming counter-engage support based on intelligence and dominating enemies. http://imgur.com/n6tNF4x --- ># Abilities # **Passive - Daughter of Alatár** >**Into the Mists** >Elórin may launch a single auto attack at a non-mechanical allied minion below half health, dealing 40 (+5/level) (+10% AP) damage. If this damage last hits the minion, it fades away peacefully, preventing the enemy team from getting last hit gold (they do still gain 85% experience). Additionally, Elórin's other active cooldowns are reduced by 1.5 seconds. This has a 25 second cooldown. > >**Phial of Curses** >When an enemy champion dies, a twinkling star appears above its corpse for 6 seconds. She may right click the star from up to 400 units away to initiate a 1.5 second channel during which she pours a few droplets of water from an enchanted phial onto the corpse, increasing its respawn timer by 10 seconds and permanently **cursing** the target. # **Q - Caged Star** >This ability can only be cast on an enemy unit within 500/550/600/650/700 units that is affected by a disabling debuff. > >Elórin holds her lantern high, channelling for up to 1.8 seconds while a beam of searing starlight from the lantern tethers the target to her, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+40% AP) magic damage per second and preventing all disabling effects on the target from ticking down until the channel finishes. The tether breaks beyond 700/750/800/850/900 units. > >* *Mana cost: 60/65/70/75/80* >* *Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds* # **W - Stone of the Mountain** >**Passive** >Elórin wears an enchanted gemstone amulet imbued with an ancient spell of warning. Whenever one or more **cursed** enemy champions are within 600/700/800/900/1000 units without being visible to Elórin (in bush or fog of war), the amulet glows and emits thin beams of diffracted light pointing in the direction of the danger. This does not grant vision of the enemies, nor does it reveal their precise location. > >**Active** >Elórin speaks a command word in an ancient language, causing the amulet to radiate blinding light for 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2 seconds. Enemies within 600 units facing her are blinded until they turn away. > >During this time (but not before 0.5 seconds have passed), pressing the ability button a second time triggers an earthquake that stuns all enemies within 400 units for 1 second, dealing 50/90/130/170/210 (+50% AP) magic damage. This temporarily extinguishes the magic of the amulet, ending the blind, increasing the cooldown and disabling the passive component during the cooldown. > >* *Mana cost: 70/75/80/85/90* >* *Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds (25/23/21/19/17 seconds if earthquake is triggered)* # **E - Elvenpath** >**Passive** >Elórin can pass through walls. Hovering the cursor over a wall within 250 units will display a path of glowing stones in a straight line, if the wall is at most 400 units thick at that point. Right clicking causes Elórin to briefly turn ethereal and traverse the wall at a speed of 60% of her regular movement speed, during which her other cooldowns tick down 150% faster. This effect has a 40 second cooldown. > >**Active** >This ability is a 950 unit wide "wall" with a cast range of 550/600/650/700/750, but both ends must intersect with terrain. It summons a glowing moonsilver Elf-Gate that blocks passage to enemy units for 6 seconds. Enemy champions can open the gate by right clicking it from up to 500 units away and channelling for 1 second (1.25 seconds if **cursed**), causing it to fade away. Allies can pass through the wall. > >* *Mana cost: 80* >* *Cooldown: 24/23/22/21/20 seconds* # **R - Crown of Silver** >Elórin channels, casting beams of light from her eyes at a **cursed** enemy champion within 450 range, tethering the target to her with a 475 range tether, attempting to impose her will upon the target's mind. > >If the target remains in range for 1.15 seconds, she continues to channel for 2 seconds, during which she has full control of the tethered target (movement, attacks and non-ultimate abilities), indicated by a ghostly crown of domination on the target's head. > >While dominated, the target's auto attacks and abilities are tinted pale blue and scale half with the target's stats and half with Elórin's stats. Their cooldowns are separate from the target's cooldowns, and each ability starts off cooldown. She cannot command the dominated target to break the tether: movement, dashes and flashes are halted at the edge of tether range (indicated to all players by a circle of Elvish runes). If other sources such as knockbacks break the tether, the spell ends. > >If the tether is broken before the target falls under her spell, the cooldown is reduced by 50%. > >* *Mana cost: 100* >* *Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds* --- ># Stats >**Champion stats** >Health: 515 (+75) >Health regen: 6.25 (+0.5) >Mana: 350 (+50) >Mana regen: 6.75 (+0.75) >Range: 450 >Attack damage: 51 (+2.5) >Attack speed: 0.65 (+1.75%) >Armor: 20 (+4) >Magic resist: 30 >Movement speed: 335 > >**Role** >AP support (botlane/roaming) > >**Recommended items** >{{item:3158}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3050}} --- ># Visuals [http://img07.deviantart.net/ecdd/i/2015/029/8/f/galadriel_by_liliaosipova-d7itwzx.jpg](http://liliaosipova.deviantart.com/art/Galadriel-454892109) >* Auto attack is a bolt of cosmic light cast from a wand with a silver star. >* On recall, she summons a winged swan boat that carries her to the heavens. >* On death, she fades away, leaving no corpse (which means an enemy Elórin cannot **curse** her). > >**Skins** > >* Dirge Elórin (Harrowing) turns her into a banshee with torn robes and carrying a glowing skull instead of a lamp. >* Trololórin (Urf) gives her a scumbag cap, Guy Fawkes mask, a T-shirt with a picture of Kaceytron and a trollface to dangle in front of the enemies. > >*The Trololórin skin replaces the **curse** debuff icon with a FFFUUUUU face. An enemy affected by Caged Star has the text UMAD? rotating around them, the Elf-Gate is a striped barrier with a stick figure titled NOPE, and she chants the trololo song during her ultimate.* --- ># Quotes >**Select** > >* *There is no beauty anymore.* >**Movement** > >* *By the light of the five stars.* >* *Much that once was is lost.* >* *History became legend, legend became myth.* >* *Some things will never be forgotten.* >* *That what should be, shall be.* >* *To the ruin of all.* >**Attack** > >* *Let me sing for those doomed to die.* >* *May we never meet again.* >* *Pass into the mists.* >* *I am the light that ends all light.* >* *Thus ends the time of man.* >* *All shall love me and despair.* >**Casting the first part of Stone of the Mountain** > >* *The light of our people.* >* *Our most beloved star.* >**Attempting to dominate a target with Crown of Silver** > >* *Surrender your mind!* >* *Obey my will!* >* *Protect my name!* >* *Alatár bind you!* >* *Enth'ilma velar!* >**Taunt** > >* *In the place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen!* >**Joke** > >* *I was once known as Celebri... ty.* >**Items** > >* (Buys Doran's Ring) *My heart greatly desired this.* >* (Buys Frost Queen's Claim) *Steel will not avail them.* >* (Buys Zhonya's Hourglass) *Power according to measure.* --- ># Lore >**Demacia City, the near future** > >Upon the battered ramparts, the royal seneschal demonstrated to the gathered militiamen the technique of the Three Talons, tearing a training dummy to shreds. His dispirited audience barely reacted. As a cloud of straw descended on the crowd, he sat down and told the tale of his escape from Noxian imprisonment and his glorious victories on the Fields of Justice in a vain attempt to lift their spirits. > >But what was approaching in the distance was many times worse. There was not enough time to teach the ragtag militia anything of value before the swarm pouring from the Icathian gateway would overrun Demacia and tear them limb from limb, every last one of them. All he hoped to do was inspire them to face oblivion with honour, spear in hand, not cowering in a corner. > >While Xin Zhao recounted that one time he dominated five of Runeterra's greatest champions in deadly combat with the aid of a young hotshot summoner, his King descended into the dark bowels of the palace. The soldiers on the walls would fight valiantly, but Jarvan knew it was hopeless. He was not abandoning his troops, he told himself. He was grasping at straws. > >--- > >The dusty gloom of the dungeon greeted him, as did his royal summoner with a humble bow. After the fall of that cathedral of corruption, the Institute of War, its summoners were scorned by many and hunted down as witches and warlocks. But their power could not be denied, and even his father granted refuge to a number of summoners in secret. Commanding the dead was not a respectable job, but someone had to do it. > >"She has been summoned, my King," the summoner said. > >From the summoning hall radiated a glow of pure starlight, unblemished by the imperfections of Man, emanating from the shimmering garments worn by an older people, the first people to set foot on what would later be called Demacia. Only a handful of ancient ruins remained, pale shadows of the glorious palaces and moonsilver temples that were once harmoniously entwined with the primeval trees of the Demacian forest. > >"One princess, coming up!", the summoner announced triumphantly. A robed female form manifested, adorned with arkenstone jewelry. "Elórin! Daughter of Rúnasil, King of Towers!" The summoner didn't usually bother to give this much praise to the beings he summoned, but the fate of Demacia was worth a fake bow or two. "You have officially been invited to an audition with the glorious and mighty King of Demacia, Jarvan IV Lightshield!" > >"Lightshield," she repeated bitterly, turning away from the king and facing the wall. Her light dimmed. "When our warriors succumbed to the onslaught of the Void, we besought your ancestors to come to our aid. Your great-grandfather. Jarvan I Lightshield, warlord of the Demacian tribe, First King of the West. But he remained unmoved by our plight. Your people coldly stood by as the Void overran us." > >"Let the past be buried, lady Elórin of Alatár. I am not my great-grandfather," Jarvan replied emotionlessly. > >The short exchange belied the extent of Demacia's betrayal. With nowhere to run, her people made their last stand, men, women and children. In a single apocalyptic clash of light and darkness, their race was no more, but the Void had been dealt a mortal blow and retreated into the Icathian gateway, sealing it for a thousand years. "Their wine of victory tasted like blood. They suffered as we did," she said mournfully, still facing the wall. "What is it you seek... Lightshield?" > >"Tell us how to defeat the Void! A million lives are at stake! Human lives!" While the summoner pulled down his hood and assumed the customary kneeling position, Jarvan remained standing, towering over the ethereal princess. "Bow, you fool!", he whispered. The king ignored him. > >After a long silence, the apparition spoke again. "You cannot defeat the Void. You can only survive. And to survive, you have to think like them." Her pale glow brightened. "And exploit their strategic weaknesses, you mean?", Jarvan replied. "What weaknesses? They are brainless insects!" She continued her monologue. "Act like them. Fight like them. Scheme like them. Live like them..." > >She turned around. Her eyes met Jarvan's, a flash of searing light from the core of a blazing galaxy. He fell to the ground, clutching his face with a scream. Blue fire engulfed the hall, consuming the summoner utterly in the midst of his desperate banishing spell, leaving only a wisp of ash. As the summoning hall burned down around him, Jarvan kneeled before Elórin, starlight emanating from within his armor. > >"Become them." > > --- > >**Later that month** > >Jarvan stood motionlessly amidst the ooze-covered ruins of Lightshield Palace, surrounded by skittering voidlings, unflinching even as a horrible winged demon of flesh and sinew burst from the roiling crimson clouds and landed with a thud in front of him. A Primal of the Void, one of its spawn-fathers, the ruling caste of the abyssal swarm. Towering over the desolate battlefield, it studied the puny little human: his unworthy species had defied its will and paid a terrible price. > >"You serve the Void well, Elórin," the demon rumbled. A glint of starlight twinkled in the Primal's eyes, betraying a mind that was no longer its own. Instead of scales, shimmering eternum plates crackling with the crimson glow of ancient magic protected its body, one of many improvements her people had made during their thousand year imprisonment in the voidal maelstrom. > >Among the rubble she saw the glint of a twisted crown. With a mental command, she ordered the demon to crush it in its metallic talons. "The first are we," she thought with bitter satisfaction. "The last are we." --- ># CCOS Share the Love >I reviewed [Morgar the Chain Master](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/U1OqzfVi-morgar-the-chain-master-an-adc-champion-concept?comment=0003). ---
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