Wholesome skin ideas

I personally like weird or cute skins more than edgy or 'hardcore' skins (except for omega squad Teemo) and thought up some skin concepts I wanted to share. a sleepy pyjama skin line, where the champions are full body pyjama, kinda like the pyjama guardians, except they all look like animals, in the 'Definately not Udyr' kinda way. different chromas could also be sold, with different subspecies of the animal they dress up as. - Ahri would be in a fox pyjama - Pyke would be in an Otter pyjama, (his W in an Otter costume would be very cute) - Teemo Would be a penguin or a baby duck, his basic walking pattern fits perfectly. - Zoe would be in a rat costume, but she is a trickster so she put on upside down, so the tail can replace her hair. - Lucian could be an echidna, with the spikes on his back mimicking his regular silhouette. - This last one is the most important one, Llama Sin, Lee Sin but in a Llama suit. the hood would be tall and cover the most of his face. His splash art could even have him drooling a little. They could even share a splash-art with them sleeping their own individual clouds, with teemo falling off his in the background. Pyke could also be lying on his cloud like an Otter drifting on the water surface, being really cute. Another skin line I thought of was a 'Casual/Cozy/Hygge/Comfy'-ish theme. - Casual Karma: She wears a large oversized sweater (chromas could have different patterns for example an ugly holiday sweater). I kinda want her to have a "sweet old aunt" vibe - Story teller Zilean: Zilean is dressed as a grandpa, having an open book in front of him, like how time machine zilean has a device. on his back he would have a grandfather clock instead of his normal one. his splash could be of him telling Crungy Nunu a story. - Dodgeball Syndra: she wears a regular gym outfit and all her balls are now dodgeballs. - Gardener Zyra: wearing a sunhat, an old T-shirt and a pair of muddy jeans. Gardener Zyra and Casual Karma could even share a splashart with Karma bringing lemonade to a Zyra, while Zyra is doing yardwork. maybe the skin-line could be called neighboorhood Zyra and Karma.
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