The Mischievous Adventures part 400 (Series Finale)

(Five years later) {{champion:245}}: *Takes a deep breath* "Alright Ekko, you can do this." *Drives into town* (Meanwhile) {{champion:60}}: "So mayor, I think I might compromise on this proposal but..." {{champion:267}}: "But?" {{champion:60}}: "I...suggest a few extra hours of parole." {{champion:267}}: "Hm, I think I can work with that." {{champion:60}}: "Hehe, thank you." {{champion:267}}: "No problem chef." {{champion:60}}: *Walks out* {{champion:117}}: "So how did it go?" {{champion:60}}: "Well I can say for one thing, she's a much better mayor." {{champion:56}}: "So you got? Finally?" {{champion:60}}: "Yes finally." {{champion:56}}: "That's too bad, years of entertaining complaining all gone in a instant." {{champion:60}}: "....You know since I got the policy, I'll let that slide." {{champion:117}}: "Alright then, I guess things are going smoothly now-" *Police siren* {{champion:45}}: "Nyahahahaha! You'll never catch us coppers!" {{champion:33}}: "Yeah!" {{champion:13}}: "And here I thought we were going to have a odd day." {{champion:117}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:60}}: "...." {{champion:56}}: "Well partner, shall we?" {{champion:117}}: "Let's." (Meanwhile) {{champion:143}}: "Pantheon!" {{champion:80}}: "Zyra! How've been?" {{champion:143}}: "Great, and I see you are as well." {{champion:80}}: "Oh it's nothing. Want some bread?" {{champion:143}}: "I'll be delight to-Wait, is that Tahm?" {{champion:80}}: "Yes, it's his first time here. He's already gotten a order, but hasn't said anything-" {{champion:223}}: "Hey! Bread boy." {{champion:80}}: "....Yes?" {{champion:223}}: "....I like a second order." {{champion:80}}: "....Hehe, coming right up sir." {{champion:223}}: "Just call me Tahm, boy. You deserve to." {{champion:127}}: "Aww, you do have a heart." {{champion:223}}: "At least I can see it." {{champion:127}}: "Wait you could see that you had a heart?" {{champion:223}}: "...Just eat your bread." (Meanwhile) {{champion:103}}: "Alright everyone to your stations. Romeo and Juliet you're up." {{champion:427}}: "It was very kind of you to direct this play." {{champion:103}}: "It was nothing, I say it's a family tradition." {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}}: "We're ready." {{champion:103}}: "Alright you two, just go out with your best performance." {{champion:498}}: "You got it Ahri." {{champion:497}}: "We're going to make this play shine." {{champion:103}}: "I trust you two. Now go!" (Meanwhile) {{champion:18}}: "...Hey Mr. Kled...I got down farming the crops and feeding the chicken, it's quite an workout. Oh, and I also shot five cans today without looking, on my first try! Hehe I felt good about it to, all thanks to you. Now I got to go, but I got you some biscuits. I know they'll either get stolen or disappear, but hey. Anyway see you again Mr. Kled....And I still haven't broken your promise." *Walks away* (Meanwhile) Employee 1: "Ok here she comes. Three, two, one!" {{champion:43}}: "Why are the lights off-?" Employees: "Surprise! Happy birthday boss!" {{champion:43}}: "Oh wow! You did all this for me?" Employee 2: "Well it was your sister's idea." {{champion:43}}: "It was?" {{champion:163}}: "Hi Karma." {{champion:43}}: "Hehe, you planned this all?" {{champion:163}}: "Y-Yeah, do you like it?" {{champion:43}}: "I love it, thank you." *Hugs her* {{champion:163}}: *Hugs back* "Your welcome." {{champion:43}}: "Now how about we celebrate?" Employees: "Woohoo!" {{champion:163}}: "Hehe-..." *Sees Ekko driving by* "...U-Um, if you'll excuse me." *Walks out* {{champion:43}}: "Hm? I wonder what's going on with her?" (Meanwhile) {{champion:113}}: "I' win!" {{champion:201}}: "!" *Sejuani wins* {{champion:420}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:113}}: "Hahaha!" {{champion:113}}: "I did! I actually did it! Wait, you weren't holding back were you?" {{champion:201}}: "Of course not! I would never! Your muscles prevailed through the hardship and won! I'm proud of you!" {{champion:113}}: "Thank you uncle." {{champion:420}}: "Now do me next!" {{champion:113}}: "Gladly!" (Meanwhile) {{champion:59}}: "Hm, not a bad open house." {{champion:50}}: "That's for you to say." {{champion:115}}: "Well it's better than the rest." {{champion:6}}: "...." {{champion:50}}: "That's true." {{champion:40}}: "Swain, Urgot, Jarvan, Zigg!" {{champion:59}}: "What's going on?" {{champion:40}}: "Look who I found." {{champion:114}}: "Bonjour." {{champion:74}}: "Salutation." {{champion:115}}: "Hey! Professor!" {{champion:74}}: "Hello pupil, working hard I see?" {{champion:115}}: "You bet, the class have been explosive!" {{champion:74}}: "Excellent." {{champion:59}}: "It really isn't. Anyway, it's been awhile Fiora." {{champion:114}}: "Quite." {{champion:59}}: "And this is your husband?" {{champion:4}}: "Correct." {{champion:114}}: "We also brought someone else, say hi Zoe." {{champion:142}}: "H-Hi." {{champion:4}}: "She's a little shy to new people." {{champion:59}}: "It's fine." {{champion:40}}: "Aww! But she's so cute!" {{champion:6}}: "Kinda." {{champion:142}}: "I-I'm really not." {{champion:50}}: "Well if you say so-" {{champion:114}} {{champion:4}}: *Deadly parent eyes* {{champion:50}}: "Kidding! Kidding!" (Meanwhile) {{champion:75}}: "....Hey." {{champion:58}}: "...Hey." {{champion:75}}: "'s prison?" {{champion:58}}: "Hell." {{champion:75}}: "Figures." {{champion:58}}: "...How's Amumu?" {{champion:75}}: "He's a bright young man." {{champion:58}}: "...Hm...that's great to hear." {{champion:75}}: "Yeah..." {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}}: "....." {{champion:75}}: "Well...see you." {{champion:58}}: "See you." (Meanwhile) {{champion:32}}: "Wolf!" {{champion:1}}: "Lamb!" {{champion:203}}: "Oh hey!" {{champion:203}}: "How's life treating you?" {{champion:1}}: "Great!" {{champion:141}}: "I got a car." {{champion:222}}: "And we're going to college together!" {{champion:203}}: "Lucky." {{champion:203}}: "But good for you two." {{champion:32}}: "So want to listen to the comedy routine?" {{champion:90}}: "I advise you, it's..." {{champion:62}}: "So why did the lion eat the tightrope walker? He wanted a balance meal." {{champion:38}}: "Wow, you got to be KITTEN me." {{champion:62}}: "I would be LION if I didn't." {{champion:145}}: "Corny." {{champion:96}}: "Woof." {{champion:68}}: "You said it buddy." (Meanwhile) {{champion:21}}: "And that's all we have for today, tune in next time for your daily news." Cameraman: "And cut." {{champion:21}}: "Ah, this is so good." Producer: "M.F we have a special guest star coming over for the next show." {{champion:21}}: "Who is it?" {{champion:39}}: "Hey M.F." {{champion:21}}: "Well look who it is. Ms. Fashion model herself. How you doing hon?" {{champion:39}}: "Great, it's been awhile so let's make this show interesting." {{champion:21}}: "Already on that. Let's do this like we did in high school." {{champion:39}}: "Now you're speaking my language." (Meanwhile) {{champion:55}}: "I can't believe your going." *Sniffle* {{champion:91}}: "Huh, and I thought you didn't cry..." {{champion:119}}: "So are you." {{champion:91}}: "But I can't help it..." {{champion:122}}: "You guys..." {{champion:55}}: "Come on now, let's compose ourselves. For Darius' sake." {{champion:119}} {{champion:91}}: "Right." {{champion:122}}: "Don't worry about me guys, I'll be back. I promise." {{champion:55}}: "You better. Now go along, you have a adventure ahead of you." {{champion:122}}: "Heh, alright...I'll miss you all though." {{champion:119}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:55}}: *Hugs him* "Us too." (Meanwhile) {{champion:157}}: "Can't believe you're going." {{champion:92}}: "Yep, I even heard that Darius is going to be there too. So that's going to be interesting." {{champion:157}}: "He's going to be there! Aww man I wish I went with you." {{champion:92}}: "Ha ha." {{champion:157}}: "Joking aside, I'm proud of you." {{champion:92}}: "Heh, thanks." {{champion:157}}: "Can I...get a hug?" {{champion:92}}: "....Why not?" *Hugs him* {{champion:157}}: "I wish we had more bonding moments-" {{champion:92}}: "I could punch you right now." {{champion:157}}: "Ok." (Meanwhile) {{champion:98}}: "Your getting better." {{champion:84}}: "I learned from the best." *Counters him* {{champion:134}}: *Sends a roundhouse* "So did I, guess we're proper equals." {{champion:238}}: "In more ways in one." {{champion:85}}: "C'mon you two, you're going to lose to your students?" {{champion:238}}: "As if, shall we Shen?" {{champion:98}}: "Only if you got my back Zed." {{champion:238}}: "Of course I will." {{champion:98}}: "Alright." {{champion:98}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:134}}: "Let's start this for real!" (Meanwhile) {{champion:15}}: "Got it!" {{champion:133}}: "Dang." {{champion:30}}: "Sivir wins." Valor: *Screech!* {{champion:15}}: "So I guess we're tied?" {{champion:133}}: "Not for long." {{champion:15}}: "That's what I thought." {{champion:22}}: "My, do they do this often?" {{champion:30}}: "Yes, after five years you start to enjoy it. In fact, how about another race?" {{champion:133}} {{champion:15}}: "Name it!" {{champion:30}}: "Want to suggest something?" {{champion:22}}: "...Oh! Whoever finds my first book first wins." {{champion:133}} {{champion:15}}: *Speeds off* {{champion:30}}: "Wow. I didn't know you were so heartless." {{champion:22}}: "Yeah sorry, but it was too good to pass up. They're going to be searching for awhile." {{champion:30}}: "Of course they will, I never showed them the worst book category of the library." {{champion:22}}: "You didn't!? Oh that makes it so much better!" (Meanwhile) {{champion:10}}: "Yeah! Now that was epic!" {{champion:25}}: "You can say that again." {{champion:37}}: 'Ah, alright you two I'm starting to get tired.' {{champion:82}}: "As am I. I love playing, but a old man still needs some rest." {{champion:2}}: "I don't. Let's keep rocking out girls!" {{champion:10}}: "You got it! A one two three four!" {{champion:82}}: "Hehe, nostalgic isn't it?" {{champion:37}}: 'Yeah, it's...refreshing as well.' {{champion:82}}: "Now let's get some coffee." {{champion:37}}: 'Fine by me, but you're paying." {{champion:82}}: "Well-...Ok I do still owe." (Meanwhile) {{champion:61}}: "...Um, hi old me. I know we haven't gotten the time to talk, but I just wanted to say hi. Gnar is here too." {{champion:150}}: "Roof! Roof!" {{champion:61}}: "I...hope your doing well. I wished I gotten to see you actually....Well goodbye, see you tomorrow...Hm?" {{champion:7}}: "O-Oh, am I interrupting?" {{champion:61}}: "No no, it's fine. Are you here to see her?" {{champion:7}}: "Actually I am...It's been ages since I was last here, and I guess it was a good time than any." {{champion:61}}: "Right." {{champion:61}} {{champion:7}}: "....." {{champion:7}}: " you know where Jayce is?" {{champion:61}}: "I don't know, but he's been sending me and his daughter some letters. Oh speaking of which." *Takes out a letter and puts it on the grave. Inside the letter was a family picture.* "There we go." {{champion:7}}: "It's lovely." {{champion:61}}: "Yeah..." {{champion:83}}: "Ah hello Orianna." {{champion:61}}: "Hello!" {{champion:83}}: "Would you want some tea? It soothes the soul." {{champion:61}}: "That would be great." {{champion:7}}: "May I join?" {{champion:61}}: "Of course." (Meanwhile) {{champion:432}}: :_( {{champion:17}}: "T́his ͠see͜ms͏ ̨t̀o̵ ̀be ̡it̸,͘ ̶go̴odb͏y͝e ͟every͏òn͜e҉ " {{champion:432}}: :) {{champion:9}}: "....What is wrong with these two?" (Meanwhile) {{champion:35}}: "Oh come on..." {{champion:28}}: "Sorry baby, it's just bore me. It's not me, it's you." *Leaves* {{champion:35}}: "...." {{champion:412}}: "Wow, even I don't have it that rough. Want to talk it over buddy?" {{champion:35}}: "...After multiple hits, break ups, rejects, joked upon, and probably getting what I deserve...Eh, why not?" (Meanwhile) {{champion:99}}: "Ah, what a lovely sunset." {{champion:81}}: "You said it." {{champion:99}}: "Just you, me, and-" {{champion:245}}: "Hi guys." {{champion:81}} {{champion:99}}: "Hi Ekko...Wait!" {{champion:245}}: "Hehe, miss me?" {{champion:99}}: "Like hell we did!! It's so good to see you again!" {{champion:81}}: "Haha, how you been bud?" {{champion:245}}: "Great, wait have you seen Taliyah anywhere? I need to see her." {{champion:163}}: "Ekko!" {{champion:99}}: "Well you got your wish." {{champion:163}}: *Hugs him* "Ekko! Ekko! It's been so long!" {{champion:245}}: "Hehe, I know you grown nicely." {{champion:163}}: "Same to you." {{champion:245}}: "....Say Taliyah, I...want to tell you something." {{champion:163}}: "What's that?" {{champion:245}}: "I'm going to Rift University." {{champion:163}}: "But...that's where I'm going...does that mean..." {{champion:245}}: "Yeah, I get to be with you...And I...haven't gotten to say this...but...well...crap I haven't planned this well-" {{champion:163}}: "Oh just kiss me already." {{champion:245}}: "....Alright." *Kisses her* {{champion:99}}: "Aww!" {{champion:81}}: "Finally." {{champion:245}}: "H-Hey, I was coming around to it." {{champion:163}}: "And it's great that you did Ekko." {{champion:245}}: "Hehe, thank you Taliyah." {{champion:99}}: "Now this calls for a celebration!" {{champion:81}}: "Does it?" {{champion:245}} {{champion:163}}: "Of course it does." _*Well my friends, it seems that the story has concluded. I'm very happy to for the support you gave me for just a little stupid fanfic. I also like to give a greatly deserved shoutout to Ifneth. You supported the most and I say a great fan, I thank you for that. Anyway with that, I say this Adventure has come to a close.* _
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