Elderwood skins (Why Ahri?)

so with Elderwood Ahri coming to PBE I feel like I should mention that that will be her 11th skin meanwhile there are a plethora of really great concepts for skins all over these discussion boards that people would want to see, hell Ornn only has one skin{{champion:516}} but before he even got thought of for anything Zoe got a new skin{{champion:142}}. There are a lot of champions that could use some new skins seem to get left behind so they can give more skins to champs who already have a bloated mass of skins already for them just look at Lux {{champion:99}} hell just for an example of a different champ that could have used an Elderwood skin look at Kindred {{champion:203}} https://www.deviantart.com/vegacolors/art/Elderwood-Kindred-Concept-Page-587554881 this concept actually looks really good though may need a bit of tweaking is a hell of a lot better done then then the bootleg chroma they gave Ahri
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