Please, don't destroy Kayle.

Kayle has a bad kit. I know that a rework is coming, hopefully not a bad one, not a new kayle. Not a new champion. Like Aatrox(Riven). I really want to see kayle have her third ability permanently. Right now it is just stupid, the way the champion works. Kayle is not supposed to be a melee champion, no one is playing kayle like a melee champion and she can't stay as a melee/ranged champion. I doubt that any rioters will see this post but anyways. If you guys are out of ideas, then damn. Don't ruin the champion. Kayle would be awesome if she had the following: Passive: whatever you like. Q: It is a perfect ability. W: Eh, healing? ok. E: totally not ok. remove this E and make something new. Make kayle ranged without an ability. R: Damn, really really really bad. Who likes this ulti? Can she become a nice ranged champion with damage and more damage and some survivability?
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