New Skin for Taric The Shield of Valoran

Hello Gems Army . Here are some nice skin concepts: Star Guardian Taric. Debonair Taric Maybe Dragon Slayer Taric or Academy Taric ? He has a very big potential for a new skin in my opinion . :) ^^ Even Pentakill Taric sounds like a great new skin . Imagine Taric as a vocalist with a microphone in his hand and a black jacket , this skin concept is my favorite bcs he fits perfectly but its only my opinion . - I hope all the Taric mains will support this post. Rito is working on new skins so now is the time to talk about a new skin for him. And if u have other skin ideas just post it here . I would love to read your opinions and to see how “truly outrageous” you can be.{{champion:44}}

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