[Champion Concept] Zone, the Opportunist (Work in Progress)

#**Zone, the Opportunist** http://i.imgur.com/CkR8XaN.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjq5jkd5wVg >_Primary Role_: **Marksman** >_Secondary Role_: **Assassin** http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png #**General Information/Gameplay** > **Base Stats--------------------------------------Growth per/level-------------------------------Stats @ 18** > **Health:** 500--------------------------------------------------(+65.5--------------------------------------1613.5 > **Mana:** 250--------------------------------------------------------(+55-----------------------------------------1185 > **AD:** 72------------------------------------------------------------------(+4--------------------------------------------140 > **AP:** 0---------------------------------------------------------------------(+5----------------------------------------------85 > **HP/5:** 3.55-------------------------------------------------------(+0.8------------------------------------------13.6 > **MP/5:** 7.5-------------------------------------------------------------(+2------------------------------------------41.5 > **Range:** 500 (Ranged)---------------------------------------(+0-------------------------------------------500 > **AS:** 0.5---------------------------------------------------------------(+2%-----------------------------------------0.67 > **Armor:** 15---------------------------------------------------------(+1.5------------------------------------------40.5 > **Magic Resist:** 30------------------------------------------------(+0-----------------------------------------------0 > **Movement Speed:** 335------------------------------------(+0-------------------------------------------335 **Zone** is a high damage marksman who makes sure his shots meet their target in a timely manner. He's rather squishy and can't take too many hits, but as long as he can damage you first, he won't have any problems. Zone is also an expert at hitting all his enemies at once, with his Q ricocheting back and forth at enemies to hit them more than once with the same shot. His E allows him to clear waves fairly well in the late game, as well as scouting around to check bushes, around walls, and dishing out hurt in teamfights when the enemy is scrunched up into a single area. Need to take a step back to get a clear shot, or is the enemy laner getting a little too close for comfort? Zone's W takes care of that by teleporting a short distance with a very short distance, and for a small window, cripples ability-driven champions with a quick silence just enough time for you to get away or squeeze in a few more shots for the trade. Finally, Zone's ultimate ability allows him to make sure he always hits his target with a controllable skillshot with high damage output, allowing for Zone to smack down a finisher on one or more enemies trying to run away, or even put a dent to a large group in a teamfight. >**Design Philosophy: General Information/Gameplay** > >Zone overall has been quite a challenge to design in concept. Gun-wielding champions in League are overall very hard to get right, without going overboard and making it seem out of place in the game. And with a rifle, it was very hard to make a differentiation between Zone and Caitlyn, two rifle wielding Marksmen. With that, I wanted to focus more on _zoning_ (I like to think I'm funny sometimes) the enemy laner and keeping the pressure on, but also keeping in mind balance, so also keeping him a tad squishy. > >Overall, Zone is meant to excel in fighting against a group, as opposed to a single target, but can still fight solo just as efficiently. However, beyond his W, Zone is a very low mobility marksman, and can easily be ganked if the Zone player is not taking mind into warding or scouting around with his E. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png #**Favorable items on Zone** {{item:3085}} : Runaan's is a must on Zone. With his passive and his E, clearing waves and hitting absolutely everything at once has never been easier. {{item:3072}} : Sustain is something that Zone really lacks, and with Bloodthirster this will make sure that Zone stays on the battlefield. {{item:3046}} : Attack Speed for that extra damage rate. {{item:3031}}/{{item:3508}} : Investing in damage/crit chance is never a bad idea, and would definitely allow additional hurt to be dished out with Zone's E. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png > #**Passive: Hex-Tech Piercing Rounds** ---- >**"Taking the shot."** **Zone**'s basic attacks fire extremely fast rounds, instantly striking the target. Additionally, the shots pierce targets, extending 250 units past the unit hit or until it hits another target, dealing physical damage equal to 50% of **Zone**'s attack damage. If a single basic attack kills two units, Zone gains 100% more gold from both kills. >**Design Philosophy: Passive** > >Whenever I create a champion concept I want to follow in on one thing always: Is this bringing something new to the League of Legends? A common folly among concepts is being far too similar to existing champions, and since we all have our favourite champions which mold our playstyles, which can more or less effect how we design champion concepts, this is an easy trap to fall upon. Zone's passive focuses around lining up his targets to output the most damage possible. Enemies who stand directly behind their minions will find themselves in a tight situation when Zone begins harnessing minion kills for gold, making sure they keep back or at least move around the line of fire to avoid the most damage possible. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png > #**Q: Rubberized Shells** _Cost:_ **70/75/80/85/90** _Cooldown:_ **11/10/9/8/7 seconds** _Casting Range:_ **725 units** _Skillshot Width:_ **115 units** _Skillshot Speed:_ **1500** ---- >**"Dodge _this_."** Zone shoots out a linear shot from his railgun, dealing **75/95/115/135/155 (+60% AD) physical damage** to each enemy it passes through. If the shot hits a wall, it ricochets off, resetting the distance of the skillshot. The skillshot will bounce 1/1/2/2/3 times before fading. After the first bounce, the skillshot deals 30% more damage, and moves twice as fast. >**Design Philosophy: Q** > >Zone's Q has to be one of my favourite abilities in his kit besides his ultimate ability. I've always yearned for an ability that could bounce around walls, allowing for interesting bank shots onto enemies and landing unexpected hits in trades. One thing I'd like to note that for people who do not use quickcast, the blue outline of the skillshot would also show where it would bounce off to, allowing you to use this to your advantage. This ability is also a nightmare in the jungle, where walls are sandwiching in on people. Using this in the right spot can ensure that each shot hits, putting out a lot of damage. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png > #**W: Cognitive Dysfunction** _Cost:_ **100/110/120/130/140 Mana** _Cooldown:_ **21/20.5/20/19.5/19 seconds** _Casting Range:_ **425 units** _AOE Radius:_ **250 units** ---- >**"Not worth my paycheck."** **Zone** blinks a small distance, dealing **65/90/115/140/165 (+60% AP) magic damage** to enemies nearby his original location and blinding them for 2 seconds. >**Design Philosophy: W** > >One thing that annoys me about any champion design is when people forget to include some form of mobility. Champions that don't have at least one form of dash, speed buff, flash-like ability or at least some form of CC to lock down incoming targets really puts a cripple on champions, making them almost sitting ducks if they're out of position when the jungler comes in. With that, I made a solution that gives off mobility but also is not a superbly overpowered ability. It allows Zone to create some distance between him and his target, as well as temporarily crippling them so that he can get a clear shot. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png > #**E: Hexdrone** _Cost:_ **85/95/105/115/125 Mana** _Cooldown:_ **16/15/14/13/12 seconds** _Casting Range:_ **1100 units** _AOE Radius:_ **450 units** ---- >**"I guess I'll just have to hit all of you at once."** Passive: **Zone**'s basic attacks have +15%/+20%/+25%/+30%/+35% attack range against stationary non-turret targets. **Zone** throws a scout drone at the target area, landing after a 1 second delay. It reveals the area for 5 seconds, as well as revealing stealth traps, wards and champions. If a target remains in the area for 2.5 seconds, **Zone** assesses the target's weak points and fires upon them, dealing **110/160/210/260/310 (+50% AD) physical damage** to the target. >**Design Philosophy: E** > >This is also a very unique ability concept wise but once you get down to it, it's pretty basic. It's a small clairvoyance-based ability that does some damage in the area if someone in the said area is being a dumby and hasn't yet moved out of it yet. This ability overall gives Zone some wave clear (and some camp clear if you really would want to go Zone jungle, it wouldn't be a super bad idea and his W would provide some pretty hefty ganks now that I think about it.) and also allows him to have a little more map awareness as his W does take a bit to charge up. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png > #**R: .256 Caliber Hex-Tech Scorpio Harpoon mk-7** _Cost:_ **150/200/250 Mana** _Cooldown:_ **120/110/100 seconds** _Casting Range:_ **Global** _Skillshot Width:_ **80 units** _Skillshot Speed:_ **1000** _AOE Radius:_ **500 units** ---- >**"Where have you to run?"** **Zone** charges up his railgun for a high-energy attack, channeling for 2.5 seconds, then launching a hex-rocket in a target direction. **Zone** may reactivate this ability any amount of times during the duration of the ability to redirect the direction of the rocket, causing it to turn and move towards that direction, which takes a full 1 second to make the turn if it's in a completely different direction, but no time at all to shift slightly in a different direction. After 10 seconds or upon the rocket hitting an enemy champion, the rocket explodes, dealing **125/225/325 (+125% AD)** physical damage to that champion and surrounding units in an area, and dealing an additional **5% (+50% AP) magic damage** for each second the rocket was in air. >**Design Philosophy: R** > >I honestly find this being the ability that makes Zone what he is. A controllable skillshot has never been done in League, not to mention global, and it's ability to be redirected makes Jinx/Ashe/Ezreal's global ults a far-cry as to what this ultimate ability is capable of. For one, it deals no damage to minions on the way, felt like it's high damage output+explosion radius/redirectability already fit quite a bit into the package, and secondly, I put a 10 second timer on it (which is subject to change, as I might lower that a bit) that ensures no one just infinitely has a rocket going. > >All in all, this ability is exactly what it's supposed to be: Nearly undodgeable. To make sure it doesn't hit you, you'd either have to outrun it, or keep playing tricks on the rocket until it's timer goes out, as it does take some time to make a full turn. A high mobility trickster like Fiora or Fizz will find no problem in avoiding this ultimate if they can outplay the man behind the rocket. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png #**Lore** **Friends:** {{champion:163}} **Enemies:** {{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} > With the rise of the glaring sun, **Zone**, a young boy among the nomadics of the desert, would be sent to hunt for food each day. His remarkable blessing of superb sight was gifted to him at birth, allowing one eye to see as clear as day without any delusions, but with the other eye completely blind. With this gift, he would often make use of a bow to strike down an animal in the distance, dragging it home before sundown for the rest to dine. Eventually, he saved up enough to buy off an old, rustic rifle from a traveling merchant. The rifle had a scope, however it was only in the way of Zone's superior vision, so he tore it off. > > Years later, with the return of Shurima-- And Azir, Zone was one of the few who were skeptical of Azir's seemingly self-proclaimed authority. It only got worse upon Azir taxing his "citizens", whether they chose to be his citizens or not, of their food, water and wealth. With Zone coming home after a long day of hunting a large beast for supper, only to have half of it stowed away as soon as he arrived, not only irritated him, but enraged him. He attempted to fire a shot at the ascended Azir during one of Azir's speeches to his people. The shot pierced the side of his neck, wounding him but not killing him. As a result, Azir sentenced Zone to death, sending his soldiers after the boy. His parents, although frustrated that he would put himself and his family in a situation like this, sent their child off to the distant city of Zaun to escape Azir's wrath. > > Over the course of a year, Zone affiliated himself with many of the underlives of Zaun, as well as several run-ins with the authorities. It was very wide-spread of Zone's sight capabilities throughout all of Zaun, and through that, many sought out to chip off a bit of their wealth to Zone in exchange to make specific people disappear. Although Zone's morals detested against it, he did what he could to survive in a harsh, new urban environment. > > However, time caught up to Zone, and Zaunite authorities had overcame him and his assets. As punishment, he was sentenced to a life's sentence for killing limitless amounts of people in his time. He was only in prison for a short time, as word of his capabilities, and his specific situation, had finally reached the corporate ears of Zaun's largest corporation: Hex-Tech. Hex-Tech offered Zone a pardon on his sentence but only on the agreement that Zone would carry out their wishes and demands, and would supply him with top of the line prototypes of Hex-Tech equipment for him to do the job. Reluctantly, Zone agreed to these terms, once again evading his fate. > > His first mission-- and his currently ongoing mission, was simple. A young boy had invented a device which has transcended Hex-Tech in every way, and has become a thorn in their side as this boy refuses to cooperate with a form of partnership. His invention has not only directly impacted sales, but also turned customers back to Hex-Tech with anger, as their devices have been rendered faulty against his own design. Back in the day, the Zaunite officials would be able to take care of some thug boy running amok the streets without batting an eye, but Hex-Tech believes the authorities have gotten too soft, and have decided to take it into his own hands. While at first Zone resisted the demand, he was gravely reminded of how easily he could be put right back in jail-- or to his grave. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mELauXLseGQ/UuwIlmo7ZAI/AAAAAAAABC4/ThiNybzMSgY/s1600/Trenner_gears_wei%25C3%259F.png #**Quotes** **Upon Selection** _"A man's gotta do... what a man's gotta do."_ **Moving** _"Affirmative."_ _"Over and out."_ _"Copy that."_ _"Transmission received."_ _"On schedule."_ _"Getting in position."_ _"I'm not one for chance; I like my results defined."_ **Attacking** _"Taking the shot."_ _"Executing orders."_ _"It's a dirty job."_ _"Don't worry, it'll be over soon."_ _"As long as I'm getting paid..."_ _"I seeeeee youuu..."_ **Joke** *Hums to the Iron Man song* _"Wish this suit had some air conditioning... whew.."_ _"I'm... in the zone.... What? I thought it was good."_ (**Courtesy of [Sir ArmaMalum](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Z3y6AE0Z-ccos-may-entries-here-also-some-important-news?comment=00120000)**) **Taunt** _"I'll see you, before you see me."_ _"This won't hurt much. Promise."_ **Interactions with {{champion:268}}** _"I'm going to enjoy this."_ _"Your birthrite will fit nicely in my paycheck."_ _"This time, I won't miss."_ **Interactions with {{champion:245}}** _"I don't like killing kids, but if it pays, I'll do what I need to do."_ _"Ekko, huh? Sorry about this."_ _"You're a good lad, but it's me or you, and I've got no intention of biting the dust anytime soon."_ **Interactions with {{champion:34}}** _"Eugh, birds."_ **Interactions with {{champion:101}}** _"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I guess."_ ---- ---- As always folks, feedback and criticism is all very much appreciated!

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