Champion Skin Idea: Beat Box Bard

Any Hip-Hop fans out there?? My boy Bard is totally one of us. Bard's walk always reminded me of the sway of the old school rappers back in the day. My idea is to see a skin similar to DJ Sona's! DJ Sona needs another DJ themed skin to pair with in my opinion. The custom songs in-game should be an option for at least one other champion! Hence I really want Bard to have a skin with a similar ability. Bard I feel is specifically suited to be the next "DJ"/"In-Game Music Altering" champion! BEAT BOX BARD {{champion:432}} - Meeps: Little Mixtapes - 90's Era Boombox on his shoulder as he walks - Changeable Music from the Boombox (DJ Sona comparison) - Bard (Voice) Beat Boxing Snippets - Bucket Hat
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