RITO PLZ *Aurelion Sol Concept*

Aurelion Sol is an amazing champion, with great potential. But a major problem is he only has his release skin. But do I have something for you, My friend has been dead set on this, and it would really make for an amazing skin. And hear me out, I present to you... Enter... Aurelion Bowl THINK ABOUT IT His champ model? Giant bowling pin with dragon head The stars??? Little bowling balls His e you might ask?? OH NOTHING, JUST HIM GOING DOWN THE ALLEY WITH A DING SOUND WHEN HE CANCELS IT WHAT ABOUT HIS RECALL??? HIM HITTING THE END OF A LANE AND BALLING UP THEN ROLLINGG BACK INTO FOUNTAIN THROUGH ONE OF THOSE DISPENSING THINGS. But every skin needs a death animation. HE FALLS DOWN AND ONE OF THOSE METAL THING SWEEPS HIM OFF AND PICKS HIM UP THEN DROPS HIM IN FOUNTAIN. UPON PURCHASING HEXTECH GLP: "Oh this is right up my alley" TAUNT ENEMY TARGONIAN CHAMPION: "You'd really think I'd 'spare' you?" Idk if it would be in some type of line, or an April fools skin, but riot think about the opportunities here
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