Champion Concept (Text)- Gerlaedson, The Iron Juggernaut

**Stats** Class: Juggernaut Role: Support Health:728+86 per level Health Regen: 8+1.2 per level Mana: 350+30 per level Mana Regen: 4 (+0.2 per level) Range: 150 Attack Damage: 64+2.25 Attack Speed: 0.45+2% per level Armor:52+2 per level Magic Resist:26+1.45 per level Movement Speed: 300 **Passive- Cry Havoc** **Innate**: Gerlaedson’s next basic attack heals him by _50-200_ (+5% Max Health) health and also deals _20-300_ (+1% Max Health) extra physical damage, allies are healed for half that amount. Takes _60-30_ seconds to recharge, impairing enemy movement reduces the cooldown by _5 seconds_ and basic attacks reduces it by _2 seconds_. **Steel Fortitude**: Gerlaedson cannot be under the effects of CC for more than _1 second_. Gerlaedson also moves **25% faster to movement impaired enemies. ** **Ability 1- Skull Crush** Gerlaedson enhances his **next basic attack** for _4 seconds._ If Gerlaedson strikes an enemy champion with his enhanced autoattack, he will deal _**25/30/45/60/85 increased Physical damage (+25% Bonus AD) **_ and _**stuns them for 1/1.25/1.5/2/2.25 seconds**_, he may **re-cast this ability **if he successfully stuns an enemy champion with **Skull Crush**, _**re-casting up to 2 times**_. Enemies already struck by **Skull Crush** cannot be stunned again by it for 4 seconds. Mana Cost: 10/20/30/40/50 per cast Cooldown: 15/12/10/8/6 seconds **Ability 2- Colossus Smash** Gerlaedson slams his mace, shattering the earth in a cone in front of him down dealing _**100/120/160/200/250 (+25% Total AD)**_ and _**stunning enemies for 1 second. **_ Mana Cost:45/60/70/80/100 Cooldown: 20/18/15/12/10 seconds Range: 550, 60 degree Angle **Ability 3 - Bulwark of Hope** Gerlaedson raises up his shield, reducing all incoming damage by **40/50/60/70/80%** and _**5/10/15/20/25% **_ of the damage nearby allies would’ve took is dealt to you instead (after applying damage reduction and mitigation). If Gerlaedson takes **_200/175/150/125/100 damage_**, he may then re-cast **Bulwark of Hope**. If Gerlaedson is under _**50%-5% maximum health he will no longer guard allies.**_ Recast: Gerlaedson charges forward in any given direction, any enemy champion caught within his path are then pushed back with Gerlaedson, dealt _**100/150/200/245/300 (+55% Bonus AD) physical damage**_ and are _**stunned for 0.25 seconds**_ after the charge ends, if Gerlaedson pushed more than 1 enemy he will receive 3 more seconds of Damage Reduction. Minions are shoved aside if Gerlaedson charges in their paths and are stunned for 3 seconds Passive **Perfect Offense**: If Gerlaedson _**impairs enemy movement**_, he increases the duration of _**Bulwark of Hope by 0.25/0.35/0.5/0.65/0.75 seconds per enemy struck.**_ Also while **Bulwark of Hope** is active, **Skull Crush** will **taunt enemies instead of stunning them**. Mana Cost: 45/60/70/80/100/130 Cooldown:25/23/20/15/12 seconds Charge Range: 500 units forward. ** Ultimate- Iron Juggernaut** Gerlaedson, after a brief delay (0.75), will let out a battle cry _**taunting all nearby enemies for 1.25/2.5/2.75 seconds**_. Gerlaedson afterwards _**shields himself for 30/50/75 (+3% Maximum Health) per nearby champion affected by the Taunt**_. Mana:150/225/300 Cooldown: 160/130/100 seconds Range (AOE): 500 **Playing as Gerlaedson** As Gerlaedson you are a Juggernaut that marches forward with no care in the world, being protected by your gigantic shield and with your passive **Cry Havoc** Gerlaedson can eat up Crowd Control after Crowd Control in his slow march towards the enemies. However if Gerlaedson cannot get close enough to crush their Skulls, then he has other tricks up his sleeve. In his slow assault, he may have **Bulwark of Hope** up eating Crowd Control and taking damage will ensure this ability is ready for re-casting in its 4 second time limit. Afterwards charge forward leaving clear room for your comrades to follow through by shoving aside all the minions and stunning them while shoving enemies with you, follow up with **Colossus Smash **increasing the duration of your Damage Reduction by seconds if you hit more than 3 people. If possible follow up your **Colossus Smash **with your ultimate ** Iron Juggernaut**, to force enemies into fighting you while you still have the damage reduction up and using your passive burst heal to keep yourself sustained. Remember use **Skull Crush** to taunt enemies while **Bulwark of Hope** still up or stun them after your ultimate is over, gauge the situation at hand, you may want to quickly use another re-cast of Skull Crush to recover your passive heal early on the stunned champion or you can try to stun more enemies to keep them locked down for your comrades to finish the job. Bio A Demacian lowly soldier made to be cannon fodder in the wars against Noxus, Gerlaedson rose above the rest. He trained to become a soldier in order to fulfill his father’s wishes, who tragically died in one of the battles against the Noxians, he wished that his son took up his mantle and continued the battle for him if he was ever slain. Gerlaedson was quick to join the army when he was coming of age. In his very first battle his squadron was pinned down and cutted down by the Noxians. Leaving very few of them left, Gerlaedson killed as many as he could, but it was hopeless. He would be dead along with his comrades. That is until he spotted a large shield on the ground, with the Noxus crest imprinted on the shield. He picked up the massive shield that was almost bigger than his his entire body, he let loose a wild war cry and charged forward, his brother in arms followed his death wish knowing there was no way out. However Gerleadson protected them using his shield to cover his allies and pushing them enemies away, the battle was eventually won and Gerlaedson was considered a hero. Now leading his squadron into battle, Gerlaedson is continuing his father's path . Along that road rumors have been going about how the once ruthless juggernaut, is now in love with a certain musician from Demacia, however when he isn’t thinking about her, he’s a unstoppable mass of steel who will defend his allies and take on anyone who dares oppose him.

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