New support/bruiserish champ (Just found these) Some kind of monk, but a peaceful monk. Support or tanky bully P: Equilibrium, After 5 seconds not in champion combat your mana and health equalize to percentages. I.E. 75%hp and 25% mana both go to 50%. AND gets extra gold from assists and slightly less gold from kills. Q: Essence, Low cost, Medium CD, A skill shot that goes out and comes back can hit in either way but stops on the first enemy hit. If the enemy dies you gain mana, if it hits a champion they lose some mana (More damage if they are mana-less but not much or could decrease rage etc.) this is not used for damage but just for pushing them out of lane. W: Presence, Medium cost, High CD, creates an aura around target ally or yourself this aura charges for a few seconds then heals all allies(including minions) Can be used to heal or mess up the enemy's CS. E: Palm strike, Low cost, Medium CD, Next AA gains more range deals slightly more damage and applies dizzy. R: Silence, He yells out silence and in a massive circle around him ALL champions(Including yourself) are silenced for a few seconds. OR every action other then movement is stopped. (Abilities and AA's) Dizzy: While the debuff is active the person affected has a chance to miss AA's. Meaning the animation happens but no damage is applied. I want this to be a passive person. Peaceful and nice.

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