A New Dual Blade Skin For Yasuo

So after a while of thinking, i had a new idea with only a vague image in my mind. A skin for Yasuo {{champion:157}}that contains him wielding two swords. Either a pulse-fire, pulse-fire hunter, or a blade god skin for him. The main idea is that Yasuo has 3 swords, one right hand, left hand, a bigger sword on his back, and the ability to switch stances based of his Level. Going on to the basis of the animations and actions. So everything put simply every Q changes the way Yasuo holds his blades. Completely for smooth animations to combine Q and AA. Completely for animations/effects and doesn't change in game play. His stance simply changes the way his auto attacks animation and critical strike animation look. Yasuo starts at the forward stance (holding the blades normally) then after the first Level set, changes the stance to the side stance (holding each blade by each other to one side) the second Level set, switches to the low stance (Yasuo sheaths both blades, and wields the largest sword that was sheathed on his back.) P: When Yasuo has his shield toggled, it turns into a blue/red orb of lightning surrounding Yasuo Q (first cast): Yasuo slashes the left sword up while the right sword stabs simultaneously, creating a long, tall blade wave that shows the animation and hit range. Sword Stance change: side Q (second cast): Yasuo swiftly swings his left sword around his body, and striking down with the right sword creating a sword wave, following the path the sword took. Sword Stance change: low Q (third cast): Yasuo Pulls the sword back and throws it. The sword spins and splits up, reforming into a tornado of the sword metal scattered and light energy filling the gaps. Enemies hit by the tornado glow a light blue/red when airborne. Sword Stance change: forward W : Yasuo swings both of his blades making an X and sending out a wall of light being light blue/red. For God Blade it would instead be two daggers thrown at the edges of wall and creating a barrier. E: Yasuo phases through an enemy with a light blue/red light effect emphasizing direction, and replacing other features as if Yasuo was moving very quickly. R (Q cast): On airborne enemy from Yasuo Q-- The tornado takes form into Yasuo. The tornado is still raging when Yasuo transports over to the airborne enemy. and at the end it forms back into the blade for one strike from Yasuo, releasing them from being airborne. After the blade strikes, it dissipates into blue/red lightning, reforming into the sword on his back shortly after. R: On airborne enemy-- Yasuo phases to the airborne enemy quickly, and rapidly attacks with both swords. After reaching the ground, leaving a gash in the ground as normal Yasuo would, but instead its glowing with a dark blue/red light. Auto-Attack Sword Movements With Level Stances Forward: Left sword, right sword (swap direction) right sword, left sword. Side: (start left side)(both swords attack at the same time) Right slash, left slash, Diagonal-Up Right slash, Down Slash Low: (Large sword) Diagonal-Up Right slash, left slash, Down slash (Swap Right, Left then Repeat) Critical Strike Sword Movements Forward: hit with both swords one after another for a critical strike. Critical strikes from this stance are in any direction (all diagonals, right, left, up down) Side: Attack with blades crossing. Left-cross-right-Up, Left-cross-right-Down, left blade left right blade right Low: Diagonal-Down Right, Diagonal-Down Left (continue the momentum), Strike down. (left diagonal, turn, down) Up (note: i was thinking the skin would be an ultimate skin) The Auto-Attacks were just an idea for the animation of each attack. Feel free to add on any ideas and share them.
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