All Champions Last Skin They Got

So, for reference on knowing or formulating what champs are getting a skin next, feel I should put this up here for you guys :D (Do note, i'm only putting skin release dates on LIVE, if its on PBE, i'll just stamp a PBE warning near it.) {{champion:266}} Jul-24-2014 Mecha {{champion:103}} Jan-15-2015 Challenger {{champion:84}} Mar-23-2015 Headhunter {{champion:12}} June-18-2014 Sweeper {{champion:32}} April-1-2015 Surprise Party {{champion:34}} PBE Prehistoric {{champion:1}} Feb-13-2015 Sweetheart {{champion:22}} Feb-17-2015 Marauder {{champion:268}} Sep-16-2014 Galactic {{champion:432}} Mar-12-2015 Elderwood {{champion:53}} Aug-22-2013 Riot {{champion:63}} Oct-26-2012 Zombie {{champion:201}} Jan-21-2015 El Tigre {{champion:51}} Sep-4-2014 Headhunter {{champion:69}} Feb-8-2013 Jade Fang {{champion:31}} PBE Prehistoric {{champion:42}} Feb-8-2014 Fnatic {{champion:122}} Oct-13-2014 Dunkmaster (_**SLAM DUNK**_) {{champion:131}} Jan-28-2014 Lunar Goddess {{champion:36}} May-24-2013 TPA {{champion:119}} June-21-2014 Primetime {{champion:60}} Jan-8-2015 Blood Moon {{champion:28}} Nov-28-2014 Safe Cracker {{champion:81}} May-21-2015 Ace Of Spades {{champion:9}} Apr-30-2015 Risen {{champion:114}} Oct-26-2012 Headmistress {{champion:105}} Apr-7-2014 Void {{champion:3}} Apr-14-2015 Debonair {{champion:41}} Nov-13-2013 Sultan {{champion:86}} Feb-1-2013 Steel Legion {{champion:150}} Aug-13-2014 Dino {{champion:79}} Sep-25-2014 Fnatic {{champion:104}} Sep-11-2013 Pool Party {{champion:120}} Aug-22-2013 Arcade {{champion:74}} Jul-14-2014 Hazmat {{champion:39}} PBE Order Of The Lotus {{champion:40}} Sep-25-2014 Fnatic {{champion:59}} Sep-25-2014 Fnatic {{champion:24}} May-5-2014 SKT T1 {{champion:126}} May-4-2015 Forsaken {{champion:222}} Feb-10-2015 Firecracker {{champion:429}} Nov-20-2014 Blood Moon {{champion:43}} Oct-2-2014 Order of the Lotus {{champion:30}} Sept-25-2014 Fnatic {{champion:38}} July-13-2011 Harbinger {{champion:55}} Feb-10-2015 Warring Kingdoms {{champion:10}} Aug-13-2014 Riot {{champion:85}} Dec-29-2011 Arctic Ops {{champion:121}} Sept-10-2014 Guardian Of The Sands {{champion:96}} Nov-25-2014 Battlecast {{champion:7}} Oct-28-2014 Ravenborn {{champion:64}} PBE Knockout! (You can see Twitch in splash :3) {{champion:89}} Sep-11-2013 Pool Party {{champion:127}} May-27-2014 Blade Queen {{champion:236}} Jun-18-2014 Striker {{champion:117}} Dec-19-2013 Winter Wonderland {{champion:99}} May-18-2015 Star Guardian (**NOTICE ME SENPAI KYAAAAH)** {{champion:54}} Jul-24-2014 Mecha {{champion:90}} Dec-16-2014 Snow Day {{champion:57}} Jun-18-2014 Goalkeeper {{champion:11}} Feb-8-2012 Headhunter {{champion:21}} Aug-10-2014 Arcade {{champion:82}} May-21-2015 King of Clubs {{champion:25}} S4 - Victorious {{champion:267}} Apr-1-2015 Urf The Nami-Tee {{champion:75}} Apr-1-2015 Archduke {{champion:111}} Feb-17-2015 Warden {{champion:76}} Feb-10-2015 Warring Kingdoms {{champion:56}} Dec-5-2012 Eternum {{champion:20}} May-24-2013 TPA {{champion:2}} Oct-1-2012 Pentakill {{champion:61}} Dec-16-2014 Winter Wonderland {{champion:80}} May-15-2014 Dragonslayer {{champion:78}} Feb-1-2012 Scarlet Hammer {{champion:133}} Jun-10-2014 Woad Scout {{champion:33}} Apr-27-2014 Guardian Of The Sands {{champion:421}} Dec-11-2014 Eternum {{champion:58}} PBE Prehistoric {{champion:107}} May-14-2015 SSW {{champion:92}} Jan-28-2014 Dragonblade {{champion:68}} Apr-3-2014 Super Galaxy (Birthday Present Skin = w =) {{champion:13}} Oct-26-2012 Pirate {{champion:113}} Dec-16-2014 Poro Rider {{champion:35}} May-21-2015 Wild Card {{champion:98}} May-24-2013 TPA {{champion:102}} Oct-14-2014 Championship {{champion:27}} May-14-2015 SSW {{champion:14}} Jul-18-2011 Warmonger {{champion:15}} Feb-17-2015 Warden {{champion:72}} Apr-27-2015 Guardian Of The Sands {{champion:37}} Feb-25-2015 DJ {{champion:16}} Apr-1-2015 Order Of The Banana {{champion:50}} May-23-2012 Tyrant {{champion:134}} May-21-2015 Queen Of Diamonds {{champion:91}} May-14-2015 SSW {{champion:44}} Aug-9-2011 Bloodstone {{champion:17}} Apr-9-2015 Omega Squad {{champion:412}} May-14-2015 SSW {{champion:18}} Oct-19-2012 Rocket Girl {{champion:48}} Nov-28-2014 Constable {{champion:23}} PBE Nightmare {{champion:4}} June-18-2014 Red Card {{champion:29}} May-14-2015 SSW (Mafia- Next to boxing ring, see his tail? :D) {{champion:77}} Apr-1-2015 Definitely Not {{champion:6}} Mar-5-2012 Battlecast {{champion:110}} Feb-13-2015 Heartseeker (NOSEBLEED) {{champion:67}} Apr-21-2015 Arclight {{champion:45}} Aug-28-2014 Final Boss {{champion:161}} Jan-28-2015 Arclight {{champion:254}} Aug-6-2014 Debonair {{champion:112}} Oct-1-2013 Creator {{champion:8}} Jul-10-14 Soulstealer {{champion:106}} Nov-28-2014 Captain {{champion:19}} Feb-17-2015 Marauder {{champion:62}} Oct-28-2014 Underworld {{champion:101}} Apr-27-2015 Guardian Of The Sands {{champion:5}} Mar-16-2015 Secret Agent {{champion:157}} Sep-1-2014 PROJECT: {{champion:83}} Jun-22-2011 Pentakill {{champion:154}} Mar-29-2013 Special Weapon {{champion:238}} May-5-2014 SKT {{champion:115}} May-7-2015 Master Arcanist {{champion:26}} May-11-2015 Blood Moon {{champion:143}} May-5-2014 SKT (5/27: Discussion Time: How do you guys feel bout the Prehistoric skins? I don't really care for them, although I am happy some champs are getting some love, although I hope they announce that isnt all the skins for 4.11 and that my cute little main will get added as he fits the theme perfectly ; w ;)
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