Kalista {Skin Idea}

Not sure if anyone has thought of this idea, but a "Heartseeker" skin for Kalista would be a nice twist to her concept. Her spear could be replaced with a rose, and her whole outfit could be turned into less grim and "dead" to something more cheerful and bright (so you must be saying it wouldn't make sense, well i would make sense, because "she, they?" are beenig a heartseeker, also it's not like other champions have skins the don't fit their theme{talking to you firefighter tristana, officer caitlyn and vi}) Her "q" could be her throwing her rose. Her "Sentinel" could be anything following the theme Her "E" should be her removing the roses stuck inside the enemy And her ult should be the same but coloured differently and when the soul bound champion reaches Kalista the soul effect should be replaced with a heart.
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