Reformation of 'Hail of Blade'

Hail of Blade: Ur next Attack will be taken as 3 basic Attack. (Apply 3 attack effect at once) Cooldown: 20-10 seconds I think this is a good idea of new Hail of Blade. In these patch, only Jhin take Hail of Blade( but still has lower win rate than Fleet Footwork). So, i do think we need to find a new way to reform this rune so more champion can get benefit from it. In now rune system, there is no rune can buff Attack Effect except Lethal Tempo. But Lethal Tempo is not good enough for most of champions. Therefore, i create this new Hail of Blade which can buff Attack Effect straightforward and have a little bit instantaneous damage (same as other Domination Runes) With this rune, Bard, Xin, Darius, Diana, Ekko and Tristana will have much bigger combat power than before. The rune select will be more diverse. {{champion:245}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:432}} If u think it's to op for some champion, we can change it to: Ur next 3 attack will apply one more Attack Effect cooldown: 30-15 seconds

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